Subway’s new ad

Subways new grilled wraps ad got us all fired up. Why?

This ad has been featured all over our gym and they are a fast-food company.

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It’s because of the issues that have arisen at many Subway restaurants. Here they underpay staff as well as force staff to use what they picked up off the floor and not so fresh ingredients. We found this out when we watched “A Current Affair’s” segment on Subway on Youtube.

“Get a good grilling” and “Grill the PT” was so soooo infuriating. We grill customers on a daily basis as part of our job and we also get grilled by our mentors. Why do we need grilling by our clients? I remember the Biggest Loser days when this challenge went on. Marketing Dive says that this ad is really annoying on social media.

When the PT asks why you are late- it’s just a part of their job. They have to be there for their clients and not be late for the next one or they don’t get paid. It’s nothing personal. But Subway seems to take it as such.


Subway is a huge franchise business and they have lots of stores in Australia and lots in the US. Yet they don’t pay their employees the correct wages. Our sandwiches cost from $5-$10 to make and sometimes they have deals like 2 for $16.

The first time I saw this ad I was not very happy. As a health website, we should be focusing on healthy eating and not food from fast-food chains.

And get a free cookie for members doesn’t seem to help either. You might be doing a favor for the less fortunate as times are tough but really it isn’t doing a favor for our waistlines.

Subway should really be getting a good grilling about paying their employees the right amount of money before advertising any more products and getting their act together. It would be a long time before I set foot in another Subway store again.

The gym should also take down that ad as its annoying members and their personal trainers.

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