Bloggers vs Influencers

We talk about the issue of Bloggers vs Influencers which has been going on for some time.

Almost anybody can be a blogger these days. But some people are also influencers. Influencers are those that influence others to buy their products. Influencers have to say that they like a product in order to get money. Influencers usually do the high-end stuff which usually no one can afford.

The macro influencer would be some celebrity or someone who is well known for their niche.

The influencers are the macro ones that usually have about 500,000+ followers on Instagram and Twitter. The micro guys like myself have less than that number on both platforms and Facebook altogether. The micro guys are mainly bloggers.

But we don’t like that influencer style. We like to get our products ourselves as I love to tell the truth about something. And I love to do bargains as people can afford them. We love healthy products that are affordable.

The micro guys are the brand ambassador that represents brands that they love ( We might receive money or free products as part of our job of spreading the word. But we never try to push clients to buy our products in order for the company to make sales. According to a report by it is said that we earn anywhere between $258-$1000 per post depending on the number of followers that we have.

I would love to be trusted by all my followers and not be fake just for the money. People prefer to hear real opinions from people according to Shane Barker. They are likely to trust recommendations from a real user and not a celebrity.

Some of the posts that I find on Instagram are often fake and just ads which I and my users hate to see.

Who do you believe? The micro-influencer or the macro one that is paid big bucks to advertise? Let us know in the comments.

South Melbourne Market

We talk about South Melbourne Market which is our favorite place to be.

South Melbourne Market is about a 3km run/walk from the city or if you’re really lazy its about a 5-10min tram ride on the 96 tram. There is car parking there. They also have bike racks there.

Most of the vendors are very friendly and willing to talk to customers.

Come prepared with cash. If you forget there are ATMs on site.

They have some of the best bargains there such as the cheap grocery store which sells lots of lollies, snack foods, and pantry items. I usually come when they have the best bargains like $3 a box of Chinese dim sims or $1 croissants.

They also have some great coffee places such as Clements and Padre who have lots of customers on Saturday. You can ride your bike here and come by Clements to enjoy your caffeine fix.

They have lots of fresh fruits and veggies all at reasonable prices.

That is where the famous dim sims came from. And they are about $1.60. They are really yummy. It has some sort of fattening meat and cabbage in there. You can get them steamed or fried. But if you can’t be bothered getting there then there is the South Melbourne Dim Sim place in Emporium.

There is Aptus seafood, a place known for its expensive seafood and champagne. Its the place where I bought the best beetroot salad. The beetroots were fresh and full of potassium. And then they also have superfood salads at $5 for a small one. The best and healthiest salads on the planet. The lines there are rather long as the food is the best. Their salads fill me up and they have the freshest ones.

I have been to Claypots before and their mussels were good.

The pie that I had in the Small town pie shop was good, except it fell apart. It was a lentil pie. I think the pie was overcooked. It was $6.90.


Lats sushi is just ok. Yoyo sushi is also ok but sometimes they can be a bit inedible. I love Fritz Gelato though. They have a store here and one in Prahran

There are always people on Saturday so try to go mid-week if you can. Midweek is usually quieter.

12 week challenges and why they don’t work

We talk about twelve week challenges and why they don’t work for most people.

I got the idea from Mind Body Miko who talks about the fact that they are not sustainable in the long term.


January and September are busy times for gyms particularly my one in the city. Most people want to lose those “extra” pounds by then.

Online there are about 255000000 12 week challenges that you can do. Most of them come at a cost and they have some sort of cash prize that you can win at the end if you do really well.

The twelve-week challenges for most people seem too rigid.  After the twelve weeks, most people go back to where they have started and would love to just pig out. They would forget their new habits.

These clients would have to take before and after shots and post them online. Some of them are self-conscious about this.

For the first two weeks of the challenge, you’ll start to see some changes and then for the rest of the time you plateau. Ubershape says that at this time you’ll lose all motivation and your results will slow down.

New habits take ages to learn and master. You need to want to change. I did a few of those challenges only to revert back to old ways after the season ended and I did not win anything.

After 12 weeks there is no one to weigh you or hold you accountable to your goals. Hence this is why people stop going to the gym after March. You’ll regain the weight as your body was in starvation and restriction mode during the challenge. Your body can’t tell when it is going towards the next famine or fad diet.

Also the long term dieting and cycling affects your moods and your hormones. If you are a lady you might have disordered periods. Also your skin will be deprived of nutrients and will become dull and dry.

Calories in vs out.

This is a very simple formula for people to follow. This seems to work better for most people and for most people they can use a free calorie tracker such as myfitnesspal which also takes exercise into account. You can have a few hump (treat days) if you like, but you shouldn’t go overboard with them. Stick to one or two days a week.

For women, the average is 2000 calories per day and for men its 2500 calories a day.

If you want to lose weight you need to consume less food and drink than the energy that you are expending (unless of course, you are a marathoner!)

Weight watchers is another useful one where you have to track your points and go to your weekly meetings. These weekly meetings are a good chance to socialize.

My suggestion would be doing yearly one. It could be something like running a marathon or learning basic nutrition. Or becoming a health coach. Then that way you would learn some habits that you can keep for life.

Healthy habits over weight loss any day. Be happy with who you are not about how you look!

If you want to do it, do it for learning and adapting to new habits. Not for weight loss.

Instagram is now getting rid of diet product posts

We talk about this important change and what it would mean for users.


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Instagram is now getting rid of those diet product posts in order for users to become more body positive. Under Instagram’s new rules miracle health claims will not be allowed as this encourages disordered eating

This is good for us as we have been fighting this for a while. This was one of our goals. Used to want to sell Herbalife but after we saw some of the damage we got to say that it’s not great for us and our users.

This week on Precision Nutrition we have been learning about disordered eating and how bad it is for us human beings. We sometimes see clients at the gym with this sort of eating. They want to lose the weight fast because they see these really thin people on Instagram and they want to be just like them.

Instagram has called out on Kim Kardashian’s lollypops saying that under the new rule it would be banned. This is a huge win for the mental health and real health industry as we want to take a stance against such behavior.

So far this week we reported quite a few and they got rid of one. So don’t be scared of reporting a few that you think are quite fake. You can just right-click on their posts on your phone to report them. Instagram is great at responding. Here’s how to look for the fake ones.

  • If they are posting just about their diet products or cosmetic surgery without real proof
  • If they are posting really skinny people and how they lost weight so fast
  • If they are cutting out whole food groups. As a rule we should aim to have about five food groups a day and a little bit of sugar.
  • If they have some sort of miracle claims. If you’re not sure just ask your healthcare team.
  • If they have more followers than postings, ie. 10000 followers over 100 posts. Its likely that they bought their followers somewhere.

People under 18 years old

They will restrict these sorts of advertising to these people.

But what about those that want to promote this stuff?

Once they hear of the news, they will panic. We don’t feel any sympathy for them whatsoever. They will always find new ways of doing this and might use Instagram less often.

Macca’s monopoly and is it really worth playing?

We talk about the Macca’s Monopoly game which just came out at Maccas.

The Maccas Monopoly game has been around for ages but every year they boast bigger and better prizes. Some of the prizes are food.

This year you have to download this app to get the instant chance prizes.

You have to buy a Maccas meal to get the stickers and then you have to download the Maccas app to play.

You can win free food.

The game goes from the 4th of September to the 29th of October. You have one in five chances of winning lots of prizes. They use this tactic to get people to buy lots of Maccas food and get them to overeat their calories.

I chose the Fillet O fish meal for the healthiest meal. It only had two game tickets. Some of the large meals have 4 game tickets, others have five.

But is it worth it just for one prize?

Absolutely not. You have to buy a meal or one of the items listed on the website just to play. Meals cost money and calories.

Sometimes you can even win free food which equals more calories.

And then for the chance card you have to download this Maccas app on your phone and for some phones, it does not work.

I just got a headache from just eating one meal. I was thirsty after a while. The fillet O fish burger is 380 calories and the chips are about 200 calories.

It encourages emotional eating in some people. When you get the token you feel excited to have a chance at winning something. The free food makes most people happy. Particularly those that are on welfare as some people can’t afford to eat. And then that feeling encourages you to eat more just to get at that prize. Then people will come back for more.

And then after a while, people put on a bit of weight after eating all that Mcdonalds. They would start to have some gut issues and other health problems. The food at Maccas is really salty and processed. The soft drinks have about 40g of sugar in there.

The food is just empty calories that we don’t need.

All in All

Play only just for fun and not for winning. And don’t eat it every day. Maybe just once or twice in the month.

And don’t expect to win anything just enjoy the meal.

An open letter to food businesses

This is an open letter and I would love your feedback on this letter. It’s part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign

abundance agriculture bananas batch

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Dear Sir/Madam

This is Healthyintstudents blog and we work with homeless people and people are less fortunate. We also work with the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign a campaign which is about not wasting food.

In Victoria, about 250,000 tonnes of food is wasted. We can reduce this amount if you give away what you cannot sell in a day. Hopefully, this will reduce food wastage costs for you.

In Australia, there is about 110,000 people homeless every night and that statistic is rising each day as people suffer from abuse and some people have been let go. Many of these are on Centrelink payments

We were hoping that your business would donate the leftover food to the hungry that are out on the streets in Melbourne. There’s several Youtube videos on where people did this. It restored people’s faith in humanity. By doing so you would get rid of the people living in the streets as well as doing the greater good for your business. Having people in the streets and fighting all the time turns people away from your business.

Hopefully one day these people would pay it forward and might even work for you, giving you customers. And if you post it on social media other businesses might follow in your footsteps.

There might be some cleanliness issues and food safety issues but I trust you to do the right thing.

I would hope that you’d want to give some of your food to the homeless. Or if you prefer you can also donate to OzHarvest which is a charity that donates food to charities like the Big Umbrella and the Salvation Army.

Or you can host a night with the help of the general public in your establishment. They could buy something and the proceeds of the something that they buy goes towards your night. We know that Grilld did it and it was a huge success!

Yours sincerely,

Healthyintstudents blog

Sushi Sushi and why it is not good for you to eat it all the time

We talk about the good and bad about Sushi Sushi.

Sushi Sushi is a franchise which focuses on just sushi. Some of them have hot meals. But I have never tried their bento boxes.

close up photo of sushi served on table

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Like most franchises, they are only there to make money. Hence some of their stores are never clean. And if you have allergies well forget it as most of their gluten-free sushi would be mixed in with their not gluten-free sushi.

They are usually in most shopping centers where the food court is. So don’t count on too much cleanliness and seating

The sushi there is not great. There are a couple of them which I don’t mind going to with my Herbalife, but other than that the rice is always bad and its made badly.

Normally I go there on a voucher. And if you buy the Entertainment book from us there is a buy one get one free voucher.

Some of the Sushi Sushi are just ok. The one in QV is not bad. I have been to the one in Melbourne Central and that was pretty terrible.

The QV one has seating and its not in the food court which is awesome.

In 2015 when I went to the Sushi Sushi they were pretty bad. But four years later and standards have lifted a bit. If I want to go there I would go when they had just opened as their sushi has been freshly made.

I don’t expect good things from the wait staff. I never have.

Now they also have loyalty clubs. Four years ago this never happened.

They do have a good range of sushi though. They have a lot of varieties depending on what you like. The price of the rolls ranges from $3-$4 per roll and the sushi boxes from $10-$14. The deluxe boxes don’t have a lot of sushi in there for that price.

Don’t go to Sushi sushi all the time as its a waste for your money. You could go sometime though

Do you have any good or bad stories about Sushi Sushi? If so let us know in the comments below!

The Life of Buddha review

photo of golden gautama buddha

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This is a true story featuring true people. Here the story is set in India where there is Bollywood dancing. Here it talks about the life of Buddha and how Buddhism came about.

Here we learn about pain and suffering and how to be happy. At Christmastime in Melbourne, many people are poor and sad because they cannot afford the things that we have such as gifts. In Melbourne, there are beggars and people wanting money. At Kadampa the monks wants us to give money to give them hope and a warm heart. In the movie, the monkeys that eat the mango represents the people in Melbourne. In Melbourne, there are many good charities such as the Salvation Army and the Big Umbrella. So we don’t necessarily need to give them money, but just hope and food. And that’s what the Big Umbrella does.

Here we also learn about enlightenment.

The movie also talks about dying and suffering as well as old age. We can’t delay the suffering and dying is inevitable. In the movie, the baby dies.

Do your bit for society and give what you can. Life goes on no matter what.

Healthy Habits

food on a plate

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Healthy habits are a franchise which means that service can vary in one way or another. The first Healthy Habits I visited was at Melbourne Airport where I was given a free voucher by the City of Melbourne to eat there on my lunch break and the second time I bought a Groupon for this.

Healthy habits are all about sandwiches, salads, and yogurts. They have been in the Entertainment book several times except for this year and last.

The cafe always seemed really empty, I wonder why. They do have outdoor seating though.

Here they have a few early morning coffee specials like the one in the airport. At the airport, I had the bacon and egg roll with coffee. Except mind was without bacon of course but more veg. Back then I didn’t know about the fat-burning tea.

To my apple juice at Bourke st (which is freshly made and not bottled), I added my herbal tea supplement from Herbalife and there on it burnt about 80 cals. I started to feel better. This was not too sweet, but tart. And I got some of my water intake from there.

The Groupon only allowed for half wraps but at the airport, I got a full one. I really do enjoy their wraps as they have a lot of vegetables in there. They say that it is important to have about 3-5 serves of veggies per day and I chose the vegetarian one. It didn’t have a lot of falefel but still good.

One guy came in after me and ordered a milkshake. I am trying to stay away from too many sweet foods if I can.

Do go there if you need a quick and healthy lunch. And if you want to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle then email us.


The market project and the BBQ

The last BBQ of the year was held in St Kilda and I was invited by the Couch. Actually, for all it is $10 for food and $3 for the wine. This event attracts a lot of keen International students and workers as they always love trying the amazing food.

I contributed something and for that, the aim was to do something different. For that, I went to the markets.

Since the market did not have bread or my vegetarian sausages I had to buy them from the supermarket. I chose ciabatta bread with olives. It worked well with the cheese and quince jam. I bought three pieces of cheese for $10. Here I chose brie, cheddar, and blue vein. Everyone at the BBQ liked them.

I also chose three dips for $10 whilst at the market. This time I got a smoked salmon dip, an olive tapenade, and the usual tzatziki. I decided not to go with hommus this time and try some new ones. Everyone loved the olive dip. In fact, some of the International students and workers did not know.

I also tried a chardonnay which worked well with the cheddar. Chardonnay is a type of sparkling wine and this tasted like apple

I tried something new whilst at the BBQ and that was the baby octopus. I had never tried this before and when they are grilling they move around a fair bit.

The veggie sausages were good too. I normally get the burgers, but when I saw vegetarian sausages I wanted to try these. They were great and people liked them.

Many thanks to the Couch for the invite.