Bloggers vs Influencers

We talk about the issue of Bloggers vs Influencers which has been going on for some time. Almost anybody can be a blogger these days. But some people are also influencers. Influencers are those that influence others to buy their products. Influencers have to say that they like a product in order to get money.Continue reading “Bloggers vs Influencers”


South Melbourne Market

We talk about South Melbourne Market which is our favorite place to be. South Melbourne Market is about a 3km run/walk from the city or if you’re really lazy its about a 5-10min tram ride on the 96 tram. There is car parking there. They also have bike racks there. Most of the vendors areContinue reading “South Melbourne Market”

12 week challenges and why they don’t work

We talk about twelve week challenges and why they don’t work for most people. I got the idea from Mind Body Miko who talks about the fact that they are not sustainable in the long term. January and September are busy times for gyms particularly my one in the city. Most people want to loseContinue reading “12 week challenges and why they don’t work”

Instagram is now getting rid of diet product posts

We talk about this important change and what it would mean for users. Instagram is now getting rid of those diet product posts in order for users to become more body positive. Under Instagram’s new rules miracle health claims will not be allowed as this encourages disordered eating This is good for us as weContinue reading “Instagram is now getting rid of diet product posts”

Macca’s monopoly and is it really worth playing?

We talk about the Macca’s Monopoly game which just came out at Maccas. The Maccas Monopoly game has been around for ages but every year they boast bigger and better prizes. Some of the prizes are food. This year you have to download this app to get the instant chance prizes. You have to buyContinue reading “Macca’s monopoly and is it really worth playing?”

An open letter to food businesses

This is an open letter and I would love your feedback on this letter. It’s part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign Dear Sir/Madam This is Healthyintstudents blog and we work with homeless people and people are less fortunate. We also work with the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign a campaign which is aboutContinue reading “An open letter to food businesses”

Sushi Sushi and why it is not good for you to eat it all the time

We talk about the good and bad about Sushi Sushi. Sushi Sushi is a franchise which focuses on just sushi. Some of them have hot meals. But I have never tried their bento boxes. Like most franchises, they are only there to make money. Hence some of their stores are never clean. And if youContinue reading “Sushi Sushi and why it is not good for you to eat it all the time”

The Life of Buddha review

This is a true story featuring true people. Here the story is set in India where there is Bollywood dancing. Here it talks about the life of Buddha and how Buddhism came about. Here we learn about pain and suffering and how to be happy. At Christmastime in Melbourne, many people are poor and sadContinue reading “The Life of Buddha review”

Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are a franchise which means that service can vary in one way or another. The first Healthy Habits I visited was at Melbourne Airport where I was given a free voucher by the City of Melbourne to eat there on my lunch break and the second time I bought a Groupon for this.Continue reading “Healthy Habits”

The market project and the BBQ

The last BBQ of the year was held in St Kilda and I was invited by the Couch. Actually, for all it is $10 for food and $3 for the wine. This event attracts a lot of keen International students and workers as they always love trying the amazing food. I contributed something and forContinue reading “The market project and the BBQ”

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