Tinker Tailor soldier spy.

We watched this movie on Netflix with a $10 a month subscription.

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This movie is set after the cold war and the themes of the movie can relate to everyday work life and personal life. We have to put up with moles and people that lie just to get their way!

The movie stars Colin Firth and Gary Oldman as George Smiley! Benedict Cumberbatch did really well playing Peter Guillam who works for George and is torn between the two sides.

The movie is set in 1973 where after the war going on between Russia and London. The movie featured Budapest. It started in Budapest where Jim Prideaux was going to meet a Hungarian official when he was shot. It was presumed that he was dead until the middle of the movie. When Control knew this he fell ill and died shortly afterward.

From there the climax went up and the mystery intensified until the very end. There were a few fights and confrontations.

The movie was dark and dramatic and I had to watch it a few times just to understand it. Colin Firth did great playing the mole (Bill Haydon). Viewers did not believe that he was the mole until the very end.

The movie was around Control and Jim Prideaux and how his life was in danger. The Circus where Control and others met was very secretive and things are not always what they seem.

In the end, though Bill Haydon was shot as a result of his actions.

So how to put up with the moles in your workplace

First, don’t be too trusting of anyone unless you really know them. Second of all if you suspect that they are the mole, collect evidence and then report them to higher up.

And second of all don’t lie to people because people will always find out the truth. And when they find out the truth is when marriages break down and you could be fired from work.

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