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We talk about Liptember and why you should buy the bag.

Liptember is in September and its Women’s health month. This year I bought a bag from Chemist Warehouse early as they always sell out of this stuff by the time September comes around. In past years many bloggers have bought this stuff.

In the Liptember bag, you get about 20 items for $29.95 and then postage is $8.95. I wish that there was a click and collect as that would have been a lot easier and cheaper.

We got Green and blacks chocolate, tea, Bondi protein powder, deodorant, sunscreen, color fade shampoo, micellar water, keyring, U by Kotex liners, Panadol pain killers, two lip balms, dry shampoo, Nair wax strips, femfresh, pastilles and a perfume sample.

We got the Green and blacks chocolate which was nice and not too sweet.

The Bondi Protein Co was easy to make and digest. They only had one flavor and its vanilla.

The Nivea active deodorant smelt good and made me feel fresh after a long and hard run. I have used it several times now after my gym session.

The Kloriane dry shampoo was easy to do but it was hard to brush all the powder out of my hair. I used it when it was wet and raining outside at the gym to keep my hair fresh for the trip home.

The pastilles were stress-free and relaxing to chew on. Its better than grinding your teeth during those long meetings.

The macadamia lip balm really softened my lips and the acai one disappointed me. The acai one made my lips really dry and the flavor was just terrible. In Australia, we have harsh weather and our winter was a bit dry.

The green tea was ok. It had a strong burst of flavor at first cup but then afterward not!

The Panadol worked just fine for light period pain, but for the heavier ones I prefer Ibuprofen.

The Femfresh wipes were really good for when I run and after the gym. It’s important to look after your insides as well as your outsides. I have used the Canesten wipes and they worked really well in cleaning the insides. These wipes are good for sensitive skin.

I can’t wait to use the sunscreen soon when it heats up.

I have used the U by Kotex liners and they were just fine. Here they can be used discreetly and I do a lot of sports so these are handy.

Do buy the bag for yourself online.


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