Share the Dignity

We talk about Share the Dignity which is an amazing women’s charity.

Share the Dignity is a women’s charity which provides much-needed women’s support for things like sanitary pads and tampons. No woman should ever have to go without.


What is this charity?

This is a women’s charity which started a few years back and is going strong. They help vulnerable women such as the homeless or people that have gone through abuse and domestic violence.

The motto is: “Because we care!”

They believe that no woman should ever have to miss school or work just because they can’t afford pads. Nor should they have to choose between eating and buying pads.

Currently there about 110,000 people that are homeless in Australia, some of them women. When you are homeless you cannot afford these pads and tampons. Hence this is why you should donate any pads and tampons to this awesome charity

Women can seek emergency help when they need.

Share the dignity has partnered with Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse to provide some donation boxes and you can find them at the front of the store. They are also at RMIT too!

They have dignity drives throughout the year where you can drop your pads and tampons off. At RMIT there are lots of needy females so this was a great idea. At RMIT they have free pads in the women’s lounge.

Your generosity can help women in Australia who do not earn enough money. These pads and tampons that you donate get collected and taken to the many charity organizations such as the Salvos.

I donated some tampons that I didn’t use as they were taking up space in my cupboard. It felt great donating them to those that need it. But others bought theirs and donated it this way. A pack of pads and tampons cost around $5-$9 each depending on the brand you buy. That’s a cost of about one coffee and cake!

Ways to help this lovely organization

Do donate your unwanted sanitary pads and tampons to this worthy cause. You can also donate money.

They also need volunteers too for all states. You can apply here to volunteer.

Coming up will be their Christmas drive where you can drop off a bag of goodies for those that are doing it tough. There will be collection points around the city and suburbs and there will be more on that later.

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