Lenny and Larry’s The complete cookie range

We talk about this cookie range

This range is awesome. Here they have about eight flavors. One cookie is 400 calories but we can easily eat that as a runner. As a runner, I love cookies as much as I do protein.

At Fitness first, they sell them and members buy these to enjoy after a workout.

For one cookie it is 32g of protein. A cookie has about 24g of sugar but that sugar is the cultured dextrose which is a kind of sugar. And they have cane sugar in there.

I tried almost all the flavors and I love the cinnamon xmas flavor.

Its good as an occasional treat after a long run but I wouldn’t have this brand every day as the sugar kills. And I’d only have this after a workout at the gym.

The coconut one with the chocolate chips tasted really weird. It was really sweet and artificial. But I like the one that is white chocolate in flavor.

The peanut butter one was quite good too.

The white chocolate one sold out in minutes at my gym! That’s how good they are!

The birthday cake was all candy like! It really popped in the mouth!

The chocolate chip one was just fine and very chocolatey

Do buy the cookies at Fitness First and at other health food stores!

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