Week 10 of Precision nutrition course

This week was all about coaching people and starting small. The chapter talked about the change process.

A good initial assessment will help the coach work out where to go next.

First, we want to establish their goals and then work with them on that. PN has this coaching forms book that we can use to help coach people.

Then we want to build deeper understandings about the client’s limitations and the client themselves

People have to be willing to make that change.

And then we’d want to set them some goals that they can work on. What is it that they want to do and where is it that they would like to go! Each person’s situation will be unique and we should ask them to be a little bit deeper if they say that they want to lose weight! We suggest working with the end in mind and work backward from there. We need the client’s full confidence that they will do the task. We should set realistic goals that the client can achieve on their own. We should assess them and see which level they are at (Level 1, 2 or 3- we will talk about this in the next week)

We need to make an action plan and one that is sustainable for most clients. What are they doing well in and what do they need the most help with? What is holding them back? We should do one thing at a time and go from there. We should continually observe what goes on and be prepared to make some changes.

We should make our expectations clear for the client. Test that the client has understood by asking them to repeat what you said or some other method. Use the client’s name. Be clear in your communication with the client and separate fact from opinion.

We need to make some body measurements and performance indicators. They should send some before and after photos your way so that you can assess them. You can also see your client’s health by them telling you about their sleep (if they sleep well or not), energy and recovery methods.

We should not assume that the client is at the same level as the coach. We should talk to the client about what progress means to them as for everyone its different. Sometimes the client may have a challenge or two that needs to be met. We need to do a weekly or a monthly check-in with the client and see where they are at.

Start with some small wins. Use the 80/20 rule which is 80% of the time focus on expanding bright spots and 20% of the time focus on removing limiting factors

Small wins for me this week was to start yoga and be motivated.

Limiting factors for me would have to be getting Friend A to run races with me and going to new places for him.

Use outcome-based decision making based on the results you got and your analysis of the client.

We should be supportive and accepting of all clients no matter where they came from and what problems they have.

The PN course supplies all the forms when you get your books and enroll in the course so use them to your advantage.

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