Running Etiquette in Australia

Guys here are some tips on how to run well in Australia. It’s surprising how many people don’t share the pathways among other things whilst running. 

We run on all sorts of different terrains but for many occasions, we run on shared paths or streets.

Do not chat to your fellow runner

Sometimes they just don’t want it and want to be left alone. Or they may be trying to do a new PB.

Stop for cars

Yes, and there are just some people that don’t do that at the lights. But if there’s no car coming and the light is green it’s usually ok.

At races, there are things known as slip lanes to allow residents to go in out of their houses and it is up to the runners to watch out for cars

Give way to bikes and other pedestrians

If the other people are walking too slow you can overtake them. It is perfectly alright. Most people shouldn’t be walking on the streets listening to their iPod or being distracted. They should be able to hear you coming and move.

Most walkers should stay on the left and runners should be able to pass them without saying “Excuse me”.

Give way to bikes as we share the path with bikes. And bikes usually have the right of way.

Don’t listen to your iPod or other listening devices

Instead, just enjoy nature and its surroundings. When you listen to your iPod or phone you can’t hear what is going on. You can’t hear the sirens when it’s an emergency. You cannot hear if there is a car coming.

More importantly, many races don’t allow participants to listen to music for that reason.

Listen and obey race marshalls

Race marshalls are there at every race for participants safety and are there to enforce the rules. If you don’t listen to the marshall you can be disqualified.

Give way to emergency vehicles

And when they are there, just walk around them. Don’t try and run, as that could be disrespectful and they are there to help someone out. You never know what is going on.

It’s one of the pet peeves of mine that people keep running when there is an emergency vehicle approaching.

Do not litter

It is one thing in a race to dump your trash everywhere but not in a training run. In training, run and find a bin. No one wants to clean up after you and keep Australia beautiful.

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