Gifts for Dad

This post brought to you by the Entertainment Book for the Salvation Army!


Father’s day is next Sunday on the 1st of September. All the gifts in the shops are usually expensive. So we’d thought that we’d list some ideas here. That won’t break the bank and that will help him to be healthy. A healthy dad is a happy dad that wants to spend time with his children.

We didn’t want to do the socks and underwear idea even though it seems popular with people.

WW Flava bean special- 4 for $20.


Has your Dad put on weight over Winter? Does he need some snacks that are different from what he usually has? If so you’ve come to the right place.

You buy this online and they will send it out to you. The beans taste really nice and they don’t have a lot of salt in them. This is a good snack for Dad to take to work and for him to get serious about being healthy.

Melbourne Marathon race entry for 2020

They aren’t on sale yet but you can pledge to buy him one and make sure that he sticks to the training all year round. It’s a good way to keep him healthy all year round.

Donate some money to his charity if he has one.

If your dad volunteers for one or likes one, why not donate to this charity instead of giving him an actual gift?

The charity could benefit from the money you donate and Dad would be happy

Buy him an Entertainment book

You can buy one off us and they are $65 each. You can also buy it as an app and they have hundreds of things and places for Dad to try with the family or his friends. At the same time you’d be supporting the Salvation Army

Instead of buying him an actual gift, why not an IOU?

An IOU can be a task that you’d be willing to do for Dad such as painting the fence or gardening or other things that Dad dreads

The IOU can be in a card

Instead of buying him a gift, why not take him out for a day?

Gifts are usually meaningless and expensive. He’d enjoy spending time with you and that’s all that matters.

You can even take him to a place that’s in the Entertainment book that’s heaps of fun. The Entertainment book has lots of fun places to hang with Dad

Movies your thing and Dad’s thing? Then why not take him to see some of the latest Blockbusters including the new Fast and Furious. And it doesn’t have to be on the day itself as the cinema would be packed. Why not try a mid-week session?

Hope these ideas help you in choosing the best Father’s Day present? Remember its not the money that counts but the thought!

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