Hari Raya in Melbourne

We talk about this free community event for everyone in Melbourne.

Hari Raya means Open house in Malaysia and all the food and entry is free. This year like recent years, Hari Raya is held Malaysia Hall in August.

The event is run by the various Malaysian student’s society. It was sponsored by My Colonial cafe- a really great cafe in the city. So I expected some great food. The food was made lovingly by the student volunteers who had prepped it the day before. I had to bring own water though as the drink there is the rose tea and I’m trying to quit sugar.

I ran to the event knowing that I’d be served lots of different Malaysian food. From the city it is about a 6km run. This was not hard to do and there were not many trams on Sunday.

At 1pm, of course, there were many people but after 2pm it died down a bit. When you registered at the front they give you a ticket for the food. Of course, I got two as I wanted to try all.

Of course, there was the nasi impit and the curry chicken with rice. I really liked the rice and pickles and wanted more. During the time that I was there, they went through so much rice and pickles.  The Nasi Impit for some people was spicy and the sambal that came with the curry chicken was also spicy.

The Soto Ayam really disappointed me. The Soto Ayam is the Malaysian chicken soup with rice lumps. This one was rather lumpy and the chicken soup tasted like it was store-bought. It had waaay too much salt in there.

The tofu fa dessert was great. I picked the ginger syrup as that one didn’t have a lot of added sugar in there. The other brownish one looked like it did.

The organizers used a lot of plastic for the event and it was such a waste. What they should do next time is to ask everyone to bring their own plates, containers, and cutlery and that would save on the amount of rubbish produced. And they should have plain water for those that don’t want the tea. They can buy this water things from Officeworks and places that sell office supplies and its worth the money. I have seen so many people go for that tea and cendol because they were so thirsty from all the salt.

Many thanks for putting on this event and they should do this next year with these things in mind.


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