Five supplements that runners need

We explain the five supplements that novice and beginner runners need! More advanced runners might need more stuff but they can see a sports nutritionist for this stuff.

Runners need some supplements to keep them running at their best. It is race season here in Australia.


These are:


Branched-chain amino acids are found in protein building foods. So we really don’t need those pre-workout supplements that are sold at the gym unless you are really deficient in them.

You might need to see a sports nutritionist if you are really deficient in it. But you can usually get them from your protein shakes, meats, dairy, seafood. Most protein shakes are made with whey which has the BCAA supplement.

Most protein snack foods already have them.

Too much BCAA is bad for you as is too much of everything.


This is especially for women who would need a bit more iron than men. We need iron because we lose it from menstruating as well as sweat. And the foot strike is another reason why.

You can find most iron in most meats and some nonheme iron in most other foods. You can find it in most beans, legumes, lentils, tofu, spinach, fish, prunes, dried apricots, fortified cereals, etc.

But if you’re really low on iron, you might benefit from a supplement. These supplements are found in your pharmacy and health food stores.

Caffeine for longer runs

This is good for an energy boost for long runs from 2 to 5 hours. But I wouldn’t have too much of this substance because otherwise you can’t sleep and for some people, they have anxiety problems.

You can find this in coffee and some gels.



We lose water and salt via sweat and electrolyte helps to replenish salt and water. Or otherwise, we may get those dreaded runner trots.

There are many electrolyte tablets which dissolve in water that you can take and you can get them at the chemist or at a supermarket. Hydrolyte is one of them.

You can also buy coconut water or the powder at the supermarket



We lose this mineral when we sweat. For a healthy runner, we need about 4700 mg. Most people don’t get enough of this daily. For the average person they get about 2000mg- 3000mg on average.

We can get these from our fruits and vegetables as well as our dairy products. Many runners love their beans.

Now this list is just a few of the supplements that you need to be running well. Of course, you should see your doctor if you are not feeling well. For some people, you may need to see a sports nutritionist.



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