Correcting your back posture

We talk about why this is important for us all and how to correct it.

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Good back posture is important to all of us. Many office workers have bad back posture because they slouch a lot and don’t take breaks. In Australia, during 2012-2013 the cost of workplace injury was $61.8 billion according to Safe Work Australia.

Also women wear uncomfortable shoes and that also can cause a bad back.

Obesity is another risk factor for bad back and back pain.

What should our back posture look like?

It should be straight and hollow and well balanced. If you have a bad back you could experience lots of back pain. Lots of back pain means time off work.

The NHS has an article on common problems and how to fix them.

Many of us suffer from back pain because we have been sitting for too long or carry too many things. As office workers, we have a demanding job but it does not have to be this way.

The symptoms of it are: spinal dysfunction, rounded shoulders, headaches, bent knees when walking, head that leans all the way forward or backward, potbelly etc.

The Better Health Channel explains how bad back can influence the nervous system and the muscle fibers.

What can we do to correct a bad back?

At the gym, you can do some exercises to correct bad back such as seated rows. Some people can do deadlifts and some of us can’t. You may need a personal trainer to help you with such things.

You can also try the downward dog. Yoga Outlet describes the Downward dog well.

You can try and do a plank. The first few times you will fail but after that, you will succeed.

Try and stand on your tippy-toes once in a while.

When you are at work sit up straight. Don’t slouch. See if the boss can get you an adjustable chair to help with posture.

For women don’t wear high heels– its bad for posture. Better to wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in.

Relax- learn some yoga to help you with your posture.

When you sleep at night, try and sleep straight! If you can’t you may need a mattress that supports your back.

But if all else fails you might have to see a physio or chiropractor. They can assist you with back problems and if you have private health care you might be covered for this.

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  1. Siobhan O'Hora

    sleeping straight is hard for me, i automatically go into a curved position like a cat, it’s so difficult not to do especially when you’re half asleep! lol

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