Vegan Protein Multi fiber

Here we talk about this Vegan Protein and why it is great!

I got this protein at Aussie Health Products for $31. Here they don’t have any dairy in it which is great for those that have an intolerance to dairy. They have about 16 servings in there. For me, it’s about two weeks worth of it. Each serving has about 20g of protein and no sugar. Each serve is about 150 calories.

They also have dietary fiber in there and its about 6g. They use Brown rice protein rather than whey.

I really like it due to the fact that there is no added sugar in there. It’s organic which means that its clean protein. With this protein, you can use it for baking. You can put this in any other shake that you have or you can have it naked.

It’s much easier to digest and is easier on the stomach. With whey, I sometimes had trouble digesting it. This is in particular when I got my period. With this, there is no trouble at all. But I did feel a bit hungry around my period.

It tastes bland but you can mix it in with things. But I sometimes like it naked just to up my hydration levels. Here you put in five scoops and mix it with water or milk. I also tried a green smoothie with this and it was delicious.

It is expensive but it is good for those that are on a health kick or that need to lose weight really fast. It might not be best for athletes though as I did have some cramping whilst running on it.

Do buy it if you are sensitive to whey and you need your protein fix.

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