Ito en’s green tea

We talk about Itoen’s green tea.


I got this green tea at the Freeform show and thought that I would review this here.

Itoen is a Japanese tea company and their teas can be found at Daiso and other Asian Grocery stores. They can also be found in many Chinese and Japanese festivals and restaurants.

Their teas come in sachets or in bottled drinks. We can buy bottled drinks in Daiso and other Asian grocery stores. They also sell these at festivals all year around.

Here they have no sugar and are relaxing for you. The Japanese believe in serenity and relaxation. They love their green tea. This tea has antioxidants in there which is good for the skin and getting rid of toxins.

You can boil the tea or have it cold. I love cold teas as they are energizing. You can brew it for about 2-5 mins and then enjoy. You can enjoy it with food or without food.

I had it on the train and at home and I enjoy the brew.

People do get this tea as it’s awesome and it has no sugar in there. It’s a good way to hydrate. Its better than those other sugary drinks.

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