Coping with fatphobia

We discuss this important issue that is affecting today’s society in many ways.

Have you ever been wanting to lose weight and looking at the models online and just want to be them? Well, this is fatphobia and its everywhere. Fatphobia is another way of fat-shaming and its not very nice.

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What is fatphobia?

According to balance365life it is the oppression that one feels about being in a larger body. It can be detrimental to people’s health and wellbeing. People can develop a lot of negative talk such as self-hatred. And it can also lead to eating disorders.

We live in a society which does not embrace the Health at Every size method (HAES). It happens everywhere on social media and outside on TV. The models in the media have been airbrushed to make them look perfect. Thus this puts pressure on people.

Fat people can be just as healthy. Virgie Tovar an Instagrammer campaigns around this issue. She says that fat people have the right to be wherever they want to be.  It’s the habits that most people adopt such as eating too much junk and not exercising.

People that are fat face a lot of discrimination and that is shown on a show called What would you do? They get fewer job opportunities and are more likely to be depressed.

If people fat shame you, you could just ignore that person as you’re beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need all that anxiety. Just don’t engage with them online or in person. But if its a family member you could share your discomfort and ask them to please stop. Educate them on fatphobia and Health at Every Size approach.

The media talks about obesity and being fat as a bad thing.

What if you’re the one doing it?

Then you need to stop it. Just say sorry to the person. But if you’re constantly doing it to a friend, a letter would be nice. According to thebodyisnotanapology you should talk to fat people and embrace them. You should also spread the word about fatphobia and be educated on this.

There are some people who work at the gym and who are always really skinny. Thankfully at Fitnessfirst, we have some people with larger bodies who embrace HAES.

In the gym environment where I live and breathe we encourage eating and healthy habits. In fact, we encourage Personal trainers to eat with clients in the reception area to show that they understand the food guidelines and HAES. I often eat in front of people and they welcome it.

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