BSC’s Clean living tea

BSC is Bodyscience company and they understand an athlete’s hydration needs. I am a marathoner running for those that are disabled and am trying to send a message to our Government here in Australia saying that we need funding for those that are doing it tough.

The Government wants for us to be healthier but they are not doing much in terms of making things cheaper for people such as the cost of healthier food and drinks.

We bought these teas at Great Earth for $3 each. You can also buy them in boxes for $49 or $64 each depending on how much you want.

This tea is a clean living one meaning that there are no nasties in there. They come in two flavors, lemon and berry. It is like kombucha except there are no live bacteria in there.

You insert one sachet into a bottle of water or a cup and then wait a while for it to dissolve and then drink. Its recommended that you have about two sachets a day but if you’re not used to the water, just try having one and then build on that.

I kept going to the toilet lots as it cleaned out my insides. This is good for gut health and hydration needs. When we hydrate a lot we get rid of the excess waste in our system. That, in turn, helps us to lose weight!

Each day we need our hydration of about 3-4 liters even more for the average sports person. Most people don’t like plain water a lot. They think it is boring. So I suggest if you are not used to drinking water, start off slowly and then work your way from there. I would suggest maybe including an extra 300-600 mls a day for a little while and then work your way up. 300mls is just over a glass of water.

I tried both but liked the lemon better. The lemon one was a lot sweeter than berry and it was good for curing my cold when I had one. In Melbourne, its winter but our winters are not as bad as last year. Even so, I still had a cold.

They sell at all good nutrition shops for the sportsperson.

Do buy the tea if you love flavoring with your water and if you are a sports lover.

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