RUSU Realfoods by Akira

RUSU Realfoods is in Building 8 right next to the Commonwealth bank in RMIT city campus.

RUSU has recognized that there needs to be some affordable and healthy meals for students and staff on campus, hence this place. There isn’t much else around in terms of healthy and no added sugar foods.

This has got some great soul food and over the years the service just seems to get better and better. I really liked the fresh, healthy and affordable meals there and they only are open during semester. If you’re an RMIT student you can sign up to volunteer and learn lots from it.

If you volunteer there you can learn about where your food comes from and how your food is sourced. They use local and organic suppliers. You can also learn how to cook. During my time at Realfoods I learned a lot about service and organic/vegetarian foods. This is how I came to appreciate a healthier way of eating.

The meals change but the pies are always the same. They serve vegetarian and vegan food and cater for those with intolerance. They also have really lovely cakes.

I have been there for coffee a few times and loved the friendly service from staff and student volunteers a like.

I like that their snacks has no added sugars in them.

I can always relax in Realfoods knowing that I’m always in good hands and they are always busy during the week. Everyone comes to Realfoods by 10:30am in the morning.

Do come by Realfoods and enjoy their coffees and sugar free snacks!

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