Our July Stats

We talk about our July stats here.

July has been going pretty well for us. It was a busy month for the blog

Here Instagram has changed its algorithm and we must change with it good or bad.

Our followers for that month has lowered by 40 people and Google has gotten rid of the spammy accounts which is great. And I got rid of some of the negative comments which helped a lot. The ones that got the most likes were the shares about the tummy tucks and endometriosis meaning that these problems are quite serious. The video that got the most views was the one with the 72-year-old woman

We published more posts in that month and got about 22 new followers which are a win.

We also got about 46 views in one day and that’s late in July! Here that day was really popular with people! One day we published five posts! The blog overall got 366 views and 274 visitors. That’s 51 visitors up from the previous month. Our top views were from Australia which is great as many Australians care about their health. The US had 62 views. In the previous month, it was Lithuania.

Twitter hasn’t done a lot for me and it’s still the same but the conversation around health has intensified immensely! A lot more people are talking about it now than ever. In the US and London its summer over there and so they talked about running a lot.

That month we tweeted 190 times and got 12 mentions and 89.9k impressions from the tweets which are not bad.

Google Analytics has been alright so far. But the users for that month was 98, down by 16.8% in the last month. They also say that people from Australia visited the site regularly. Most of them visited using a mobile phone.

Let us hope that the month of August will be a lot better and that health will be talked about more. Let’s also hope that the Government will do the right thing and give more money to those that have health problems and are on Centrelink. We hope that the Government gives about $75-$100 more a week for those in need.

We also hear that the City of Casey in Melbourne’s south has the highest amount of people needing free food and they propose to shut the community pantry down. Let’s hope they keep it open for all.

We also hope that the price of healthy food such as fruits goes down a lot as people on welfare cannot afford them.

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