Ceres Apricots

We talk about Ceres Apricots and why runners should have apricots as part of their diet.


I got these at Aussie Health foods online for about $14.

Ceres is a Victorian organic company in Brunswick and they are known to do great food! I have been to their cafe once and they served some amazing food.

They say that runners need a lot of iron and that is true especially for the ladies. We also need our vitamin C especially during winter when it is cold. They also say that apricots provide a lot of potassium for runners. This mineral is often overlooked by runners.

According to Healthyeating.sfgate dried apricots contain 21% of a runner’s potassium needs. When you eat 100g of this it contains 126mg of iron. Half a cup has 514 mg of potassium according to Livestrong

We often complain of muscle aches after a run and that is usually why.

Dried apricots have nonheme iron in them meaning that it doesn’t absorb as fast as heme iron. Healthbenefitstimes mentions this. They can help prevent anemia.

Dried apricots have a lot of dietary fiber in them. We often need to poop a bit more but that’s ok as your body is trying to get rid of the bad cholesterol from junk food.

The apricots have 27 teaspoons of sugar in them but it is all-natural sugar! The pieces are small which is great for a small serve. I love eating these on the tram! And it prevents you from adding any unnecessary calories into your day as these fill you up.

I love the black burnt bit which means that they are organic.

Organic means that there are no pesticides which means that your food is toxin-free.

How to eat them?

You just eat them as it is or you can put it in yogurt or cereal. Or you can make a cake. Or you can make a trail mix.

Do buy them for yourself at all good health food stores.

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