Should diet products be regulated in Australia?

And the answer is yes. Diet products should be regulated in Australia.

Need to lose weight quickly with just that diet pill or shake? Then think about this issue carefully.

We see these weight loss programs everywhere. They are on billboards, TV, everywhere. And people sell them on the street sucking people into money. I was in Herbalife and trying to sell it. It was tricky. You had to go to all these meetings and things and it was draining. Not only that it was hard to convince people as to what is in the products.

For such a time I was in the weight watchers program and whilst it was awesome and I made a few friends the points were hard to calculate

And that program did encourage little exercise each day and not the 150 mins of vigorous activity. I then found out through my health profession.

What is in these so-called diet pills and shakes?

We really have no idea what’s in them. I know that Maltodextrin is sugar and so is dextrose but other than that there is no clue, except for whey and protein. Some of them have green tea extract! And some even have caffeine in them. We would only review the ones that are safe and that are used properly with exercise and a good diet.

These health and diet products can be dangerous for us all if not taken the right way. The ABC warns that a man in Western Australia who lost his liver after taking supplements. In Hawaii, a woman dies after taking diet pills.

Thus Fitness Australia bans anyone recommending supplements to clients. Instead, if clients ask about supplements we would tell them to do their own research and consult their doctor about it.

Some of the snack foods that these diet companies like Optimum Nutrition and others have are perfectly harmless. In fact, they are fun to eat after a workout. But some of the amino acid drinks must be used with caution.

Food and exercise is the best way to lose weight as well as patience. And 1200 calorie meal plans don’t work in most instances. No one diet is the same, everyone is unique. Everyone has their own way of eating and doing things.

So the diet industry should be regulated to say that if you do enough exercise or are an extreme marathoner you can take supplements to help with your diet. But supplements don’t replace your diet like they say that they do. They just merely complement your diet.

Endurance athletes will always need supplements and thus is why I recommend the Precision Nutrition course!


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