Why wearing high heels is bad for your health

People such as flight attendants, some office workers, fashion models, sex workers, etc wear heels as part of their job. But did you know that high heels are bad for you if you wear it all the time?

There is a lot of write up on this issue online.

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They may look great but they cause ultimate discomfort depending on how high the heel is. The higher the heel the more discomfort.

For such a time when I was doing food blogging, I used to wear heels all the time. I had to go to classy places where heels and nice shoes were a must. I was lucky I did not get any of those knee problems and other foot problems as I only worked four days a week and it was a short stint. When I changed jobs and started working as a health blogger, I got to wear my comfy shoes everywhere.

Wearing heels all the time changes the position of the foot and the knees. You’re also prone to more sitting and less standing. Over time you’ll develop Achilles tendons in the foot and the foot will be prone to more swelling. Women’s Health says that you’ll have more trouble walking when you kick those heels off for the day.

If you wear heels, you’ll be more prone to accidents and falling. Wearing heels places so much pressure on the top part of your foot and so you would have to balance.

Wearing heels can be bad for your posture. Over time you become a hunchback and will have some back issues. Verywell says that you would need to lean forward to compensate and balance properly. MSN also supports the theory saying that they change the centre of your gravity.

Wearing heels can damage the nerves and tendons in your legs. Over time you’ll have shortened legs and you may need to wear orthotics. SELF says that wearing heels can also give you knee problems in the long run. Wearing heels can also give you bone problems if you don’t eat enough calcium per day.

Wearing heels can give your corns and calluses and you can’t get rid of them.

The solution:

Don’t wear your heels all the time unless you have to go to some classy place. Even then don’t go to classy places all the time.

If you have to wear heels to your workplace, like Andy in the Devil Wears Prada does, ask your boss politely if you can wear flat shoes. Most of the time they will say yes if you tell them why and how it will benefit them.

We are trying to campaign for people that work in the modeling industry to not wear high heels to fashion shows as they kill. The models often have to balance and they don’t look too happy about that. In fact, they look rather uncomfortable.

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