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The Free show is about being free from all allergies especially gluten, added sugars, and lactose. It was $17 just to attend but it was all worth it as we learned so much that we can write on the blog. And we enjoyed the sugar-free ice cream from Bulla.

Here they talked about gut microbiome which develops at an early age and the parents of the child help to influence it. They can help to influence it by giving the child good nutritious foods that are not full of processed chemicals. They can also help by bringing a pet into a child’s life and also bring one sibling or two. Nowadays the modern world is full of added sugars, junk foods, chemicals, stress, and single parents- all of which can damage the microbiome early on in a child’s life.

FODMAP friendly foods was another thing on the agenda today. These days not many people are on a FODMAP diet hence the insensitivities. There are apps such as the Monash University one which rates foods that are low and high in FODMAP. But that one is $9.90 for just the app. But the app has so much on there.

Many of the bread that we have today are not gluten-free but at the show, they showcased some from Bakers Delight and other brands.

IBS was another one on the agenda today and it’s said that women have a greater risk of IBS due to hormonal problems. Also, our western foods are a trigger for IBS and for some people caffeine is another. Ice cream for some people is one.

Added sugar is a major one of my food insensitivities due to the fact that I barf that sugar right up when it is around my period time. Just recently I had a Butterbing which had 38g of sugar and it was around my period time. Of course, I barfed that one up and felt a bit of discomfort. Luckily for me today the ice cream that I had the expo was sugar-free.

Stress is another one of those IBS contributing factors. People with IBS can experience diarrhea, nausea, bloating, vomiting, etc. And constipation is another one. Women especially have a lot of hormonal changes during their period and that in itself is stressful.

Food allergies and intolerances are from early childhood and can go on into adulthood. Results of food allergies can involve eczema, rash, and other things. You should see your doctor about these food allergies. If you are intolerant you should see a specialist dietician who can help you plan some FODMAP friendly foods and show you which ones to avoid.

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