Vital Protein Vanilla Flavour

We review Vital Protein’s shake powder as it is different from all the others we have tried. We wanted to see how well vegan protein stacks up.

I got this one for $32 from Aussie Health Products online and tried it. I figured that I would buy something else other than Herbalife.

Vital Protein has been around for a while, but I only tried their green powder with water. Now I figured it was time to try something else.

This one is not made from whey protein, rather it is made from pea protein which is good for those that are whey or lactose intolerant. Many of the protein shakes on the market are made with whey and for some people are not good for them. Most of them are devoid of any nutrients but this one has dietary fiber.

In Precision Nutrition’s chapter 6 we learn about dietary fiber which is meant to be excreted after eating it. Hence this is good for those that want to lose weight. The Herbalife shakes that I had also had dietary fiber but not as much as this.

When I review protein powder, I also look at how easily digestible and absorbable they are. I also look at how much protein they have per serving as it is important for me as an athlete to get about 1.2- 2g of protein per kg that I weigh per day. For me, that would average about 63g to 106g. And because I’m a woman I may need more at certain times of the month.

But for most sedentary people you probably don’t need that much and this is great for those that are on a vegetarian diet.

It is easily digestible and in fact, I didn’t have a lot of PMS symptoms during the entire month. But for some people, it may differ depending on their body. What works for one person may not work for other people.

This one helps me to sleep easily and I can recover easily from my workouts. It took my body time to get used to it, but once I did I was glad. Before this, I used to have lots of whey shakes which sometimes gave me PMS troubles. I still enjoy the odd one or two shakes.

Do buy the protein online and in stores. They are usually found in Evelyn Faye nutrition as well as online.

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