The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train is a movie based on a book. The movie stars Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Luke Evans, and Justin Theroux. Justin Theroux plays Rachael’s ex-husband Tom.

The movie is set in Manhattan in a lovely neighborhood.

It’s a murder mystery where Rachael the Girl on the Train passes this house every morning. This house is where Megan Hipwell lived until she was missing (later revealed to be killed by Rachael’s ex-husband- Tom). They seemed happy together in the beginning.

Rachael (portrayed by Emily Blunt) is a drunk, alcoholic woman and later on quits drinking. When she sobered up she remembered what happened that night.

The movie explores some psychological issues which we can relate to in modern-day such as betrayal and domestic violence. Tom is an abusive man who was Rachael’s ex-husband and later on it was revealed that he had an affair with Megan and slept with Anna. Anna found out after seeing Megan’s phone in his possession. Megan was their nanny for their baby Evie and then she quit (I think it’s over issues with Tom, but the movie didn’t really say).

Rachael was always drinking at the beginning of the movie but she sobered up when Megan was killed and the police suspected it was her. Rachael had just lost her job and she takes the train every day just to get drunk.

At the beginning of the movie, he abused Rachael by throwing things and breaking the mirror. They broke up because of this. In the end, he abused Rachael in the tunnel by throwing her.

Megan was scared of her husband and went to see a shrink. It was revealed that Megan had an affair with him and would come over to his house. Rachael also went to see this shrink

The film portrays anger really well. Scott, Megan’s husband displayed that when he was angry at Rachael. In the end, he realizes that it was Tom that killed Megan. And then Rachael and Anna kill Tom over the betrayal and murder of Megan Hipwell.

So what can we learn from this movie?

  • Communication is always a must for any relationship to be good. For a relationship to be good you must be open
  • Drunkenness- in modern-day life, we drink to be happy. We drink to get rid of our problems.
  • Betrayal and violence- to this day marriage problems are the number one stressors and reason why people murder each other.

So how can we deal with people like this?

My advice is to just be there for them and get them the professional help that they need. There are services such as Beyond Blue and Headspace. It takes time for problems to be healed.

Ask them why they are like this? And if you are in a bad situation get out of there and get the help that you need.

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