Quitting your 9-5 job and working for yourself

Is it time for a career change? Are you happy working for someone else? We explore the pros and cons of working for yourself!

I got inspired by Little distractions post on this and decided to write my own as many people may not like to work for someone else and are thinking about working for themselves

I used to work as a food blogger always having to do restaurants and I also used to work in an office. I resented those days when I got bad PMS from all the fast and fatty foods that I ate as part of the job. Sleep was always an issue with me getting about 3-4 hours of sleep every night in winter.

But I never really liked working for someone else, always having to do their tasks and fast. When I was assisting in my family’s practice I was an admin and I never really liked doing their tasks, always typing and never getting a break.

In 2014 I put on a lot of weight. I was doing a lot of food write-ups and eating out too much. It got to a point where I didn’t enjoy it a lot. And then when I started doing marathons and gym I really enjoyed the process and learning as much as I can. I sleep a bit better now.

I’m glad I’m working for myself and in a topic that I love such as health.

The qualities that you need to work for yourself

  • Be motivated- you have to like what you are doing and be passionate.
  • Be a self-starter. You have to be willing to start a lot of things by yourself
  • Be organized- must be able to organize tasks on a weekly basis
  • Network with other people whether it is online or face to face.

The pros

  • You get to choose your own hours. For example, I can work in the late afternoons and cater to the demands in the US and the UK which are higher than Australia.
  • You get to spend some time with the family and work around it.
  • There are Facebook groups that provide support
  • You learn a lot of things about yourself and the things you like.
  • You’ll have no one to tell you what to do, so you must do everything yourself.

The cons:

  • You have to learn everything from scratch- it takes time and patience to master everything.
  • The money can be hard to come by. You have to buy everything yourself when you start out.
  • Loneliness- sometimes I feel a little bit lonely but other than that its all good
  • You have to do the research on your target market- my target niche is on office workers who have put on lots of weight. They are aged between 20-40.
  • You have to be committed to your business and its goals. I’m a runner so I want to talk about weight loss the slow and right way

But if you like organizing everything and learning lots and are a self-starter working for yourself is a great idea.

Remember your mental health counts too.

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