Ascot Vale Little pantry

And why it’s good for the local community. We explain this initiative here.

Ascot Vale Little Pantry just opened up on St Leonards Road, just off Union Road. It was hard to find at first because its only just a little pantry. But once I found it, it was all good. It was just next to the scaffolding and near the 57 tram stop.

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I used this image with permission from their Facebook page

The place is near the housing commission flats. This is a great idea for the poor that earn a pittance from Centrelink. Rent and bills are skyrocketing in Ascot Vale so the poor would have been left with no choice but to starve.

It had only just opened recently and people can drop off items to those in need and collect items as well if they need. At that time I was a bit short on cash so I dropped off some and collected some. I really needed the snacks.

It is run by the same people that run the Little library in Maribyrnong park.

This is a community project which took some time to develop. It started on March 15th and from there it grew. The idea was generated by the community after seeing so many people that are homeless. It has no council involvement in this. The people didn’t have any money to start off with so they built the pantry with the goodwill of the local community that offered their services and materials to do so.  Now its become really popular with everyone.

The local businesses have dropped off items too. Households can drop off some pantry items and toiletries here. This is good for us as we have been thinking about food waste and reducing waste as well as reducing homelessness in society.

The offerings change depending on what is there

I picked up quite a bit of good food. Some of it was nearing the best before date and some of it was after that date. The lentils leaked a bit but other than that the tea and chips that I collected were great. I enjoyed the snack bars that were on offer.


Do donate any goods if you have to this community pantry. In coming months they hope to have a slot where gift cards can be donated so that people can go out and enjoy a meal out. This is what happens sometimes at the Salvos where a local business donates meals to those in need.

We hope that other communities in Melbourne and Australia can do this same thing.

The deets:

Address: 78 St Leonards Road, Ascot Vale, 3032

Link to their Facebook page is here.

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