Diet Culture and why its bad for you

The idea for this article was taken from Molly Joy.

Diet culture is everywhere these days from TV to in the gym. It is about oppressing people that are of a healthy weight (by that I mean, those that are plump and not overly obese). Here we talk about why diet culture is bad for us and eating healthy foods everyday is better.

Diet culture is all about looking at self-worth from the outside (ie your body’s appearance).

People that engage in diet culture such as telling themselves that they need to lose weight when they are healthy is not right. Health at every size is what we preach.

Diet culture is everywhere. It’s at the gym, at the bus stops and on TV and Instagram. People also have conversations at work about diet culture and needing to lose XXX amount of weight because they are unhappy with the way they look

Signs of diet culture

Here are some things to look out for:

A personal trainer might say, “cut out all these types of junk food and dairy and just have fruit, vegetables, meats, and grains”. That’s not right. Or a PT might sell a six week- twelve-week challenge and might be very stringent with rules on how to lose the weight.

Or you might eat a treat food because you earnt it through hard training. Or you might have a cheat meal or guilt-free snack.

It’s the feeling of needing to get back on track with your diet after you have been on holidays.

What can we do?

We are humans. We are designed to enjoy food in whatever shape or form. And if we were to cut out dairy we’d be getting rid of the calcium, an essential vitamin that our body needs. We are designed to have a couple of treats every now and then and not feel guilty about it.

I don’t encourage diet culture but I do encourage a healthy weight loss and one that is sustainable. Diet culture and fat-shaming are harmful and we should all be happy with ourselves.

We should be educated on diet culture and Pixie Turner is one person you should follow. The Nutrition Guru and the chef is another anti-diet person. We should follow people that are real dieticians. There are lots on Instagram that are fake people! These fake people have no qualifications and they cut out meat and dairy which are essentials to have.

We should also encourage those colleagues that need to lose the weight to be happy with ourselves. We should instead recommend that they go on a healthy diet which is full of the five food groups and encourage them to see a dietician if they have issues with their body.


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