Food wastage

This is an Oz harvest post. Oz Harvest is a charity that collects food from the dumpster to give to the poor and needy in Australia. Oz Harvest relies solely on donations and receives no Government support. They aim to fight food waste and you can get involved by volunteering.

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In 2017 Huffington Post reports that Australian households throw away $10 billion of food each year. Most people don’t understand where their food comes from and the importance of not wasting it. They buy it, not planning ahead.

According to the Conversation the average Australian wastes about 200kg of food a year. That’s a lot to think about. It’s mainly from the supermarkets and restaurants who just throw away most of that food because it’s unsellable.

In the world today 800 million people go without food. In Australia, 200 million people go without food because they cannot afford it. The high cost of living such as rent is why some people cannot afford food.

Doing this ration challenge I am sitting here thinking about how much food and money do people waste! Whilst we are lucky to live in Australia many people around the world go hungry and the sight of a meal can be a welcome relief.

The solution for restaurants and supermarkets is to at the end of the day discount all of their food and give away meals to those in need. Don’t throw away food just because it looks bad.

Households can do the same thing too. They can give to the poor and needy by donating food to their nearest local charity. Households that have a yard could start a veggie patch and a few fruit trees and when they prosper give some of the fruits to their neighbors and people that need them.

When you go to the supermarket or the farmers market buy what you need and don’t buy excess foods which you don’t use as they will end up going to waste. People should write a list so that they don’t accidentally buy something that they don’t need. Oh and that they also don’t forget what they need. Too many times during supermarket sale days I see people’s trolley’s full to the brim of stuff that they might not need.

The solution for the Government should be to tax the foods with the added sugar and discount those that are healthy. That is to encourage everyone to eat healthy foods even if they are on welfare. Speaking of welfare, the Government should increase welfare for those that can’t afford to work such as disability and elderly people.

If you want to get involved by volunteering or donation (food or money) simply visit their page.

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