Movie snacks that does not break the bank

Need to buy some snacks before the movie? Don’t have the cash to buy anything? We have just some ideas for you!

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And no it does not involve the candy bar. Instead, it involves the supermarket, your pantry and yourself. You might have to make some these snacks and drinks but you’ll be saving money. Usually, a combo at Hoyts and Village is close to $20 and water is quite expensive at the cinemas. The combos usually involve a soft drink or water, popcorn and maybe a choc top or two.

Bringing your own snacks is better for you and your wallet.

You can bring your own water from home. If you don’t like the water you can always mix it with the Herbalife tea or aloe for flavors. Or you can make a mock Tropicana with the mango aloe and mineral water which is chilled. You can buy these items from us- you just need to email us. Or if you don’t like Herbalife you can also get these clean living teas from Great Earth Health. They have a few shops in the city.

Coke is bad for you as it has too much added sugar in there. It’s better to buy one of those Strangeloves drinks from a health food shop which sets you back by $4.50. Strangeloves drinks have no added sugar in there.

A bag of popcorn at the supermarket is about $3-$5. And no it may not have butter. If you buy the kernels and pop it yourself at home you can control the amount of salt that you consume. But if you can’t be bothered do buy the COBS brand as that is a healthy brand with no added salt. And they taste good. The original one is slightly sweet but not by much. Gumtree and other health food stores, as well as the supermarkets, have this brand of popcorn which is about $4-$6.

For chocolate, you can do joy balls using the F1 powder that you can buy from Herbalife. Or you can use your own protein powder. Great Earth has many brands of protein powders.

For other snacks, I love Optimum Nutrition’s range as they have all sorts of things from chocolate-coated nuts to cake bites. I usually buy them from a health food shop or a shop that sells nutrition for the gym.

As for ice cream, it’s better if you don’t have any. But I suppose a small treat doesn’t go astray. Unfortunately, you’d have to buy ice cream at the candy bar though. But usually a drink, healthy popcorn and chocolate are enough for one person!

Hope these ideas help. If you have any other ideas please leave us a comment below.


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