Lets Move 365: PMS and Boxing

Today I have PMS and pain, but I still went boxing as I was feeling OK. PMS for me like many others is painful cramps, sometimes followed by vomiting. According to the Better Health Channel, this is quite normal. They say that about 75% of women experience symptoms each month with 20-30% of women experience severe symptoms. Obesity is partly to blame. If you have a BMI that is higher than 30 you’re more likely to suffer.

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But there are ways around avoiding PMS such as exercise and eating enough proteins. You should be having 1-2 g of protein per every kilo that you weigh plus a little bit more if you go to the gym. You should eat enough proteins each day.

You should also eat enough vegetables in a day and most of the time we don’t. The Heart Foundation says that about 50% of women meet the requirements for vegetables and fruit which is five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day. Only 10.9% of women meet the requirements for vegetables. About 93% of the population doesn’t meet the vegetable requirements every day. We definitely don’t meet the 31g of fiber a day as a nation.

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But sometimes though we don’t get enough proteins through wholefoods so you might need a protein shake or two and that is where Herbalife Healthy shakes comes in. Good proteins include fish and meat and eggs. We shouldn’t be having too much of the processed foods such as junk food or sweetened cereals. Oh, and we should only be having about 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. Many people (myself sometimes included) go way over the limit. Hence this leads to really bad PMS symptoms.

That day I didn’t do much which might have made my PMS worse.

Later on that day I went to free Box fit and boxed my heart out.  Here I was with one guy who was taller than me. Here he really worked my guts out but after a while, I got better at this. I really liked the punches and the squats though. And then I was hungry afterwards for a shake.

Exercise releases endorphins that bring about a happy mood. When you are happy you don’t think about pain. As women, we should be getting a few strength sessions at the gym or at home. Boxing with someone can be really fun. In Richmond gym, I box on my own using the boxing bag. At first, I was a little bit clueless but now I’m ok.

Sweat is always good for us!



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