What foods do students eat for breakfast

Students eating breakfast is an important part of the day and without it, you cannot function well. More like it, you’ll find yourself asleep during lectures. As students, you might not have a lot of cash or time to whip up a good meal.

Its the same for the office workers who might not have time to eat breakfast or might not have the money to buy something on the way. And no our meals do not include McDonald’s as that is very unhealthy. Nor do they include Starbucks

Eating breakfast helps you to lose weight and keep it off for a long time.

So we asked some of the students and here is what they say:

Katherine: I do love my cereals and milk as I believe calcium is a good thing and does not make you fat. It is good for your bones. You can buy a 2L bottle of milk for about $4-$5 at the supermarket. Right now I am loving Freedom foods cereals as they have lots of iron and protein.

Oh I also love oats in the morning as they are full of fiber

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Oh and I enjoy a good cup of tea to keep me hydrated in the morning. I do not have to rush anywhere!

I love going to the Queen Victoria Markets and eating all the different foods and coffee that they have.

Diana: I love my Herbalife shakes and you’ll find me making a smoothie in the morning as I generally don’t have much time for breakfast. I’ll usually put whatever fruits I have at home in there. Banana is usually a great idea.

Max: I sleep late so I usually have brunch of eggs and bacon with toast at home. I usually buy the eggs and bacon when they are on special or if I have time I will visit the markets on a Saturday

Akira: I love my Herbalife shakes in the morning. Because I am a cleaner at night, I sleep until very late in the morning.

And I also love other foods. I can eat anything from Nasi Lemak to a Japanese breakfast with rice.

Claudia: I love Chinese and Japanese breakfasts as they are full of rice and portion sizes. Here we can buy everything to make these breakfasts from the market! And the fish is very fresh at the market.

If you have any more favorite breakfasts please leave a comment.



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