A healthy eating schedule for busy people

This schedule is for busy people that work all week. And yes this is a healthier way of eating without restricting yourself.

6am/7am- Breakfast half an hour after you wake up. It could be a protein shake or I love oats with milk. If I was to have bread I’d go for wholemeal bread. Also, do have your tea and water then.

10am- Snack. It should be something that is full of protein such as egg, canned tuna, mini protein shake, yogurt, nuts or your protein bar. You can also add a bit of fruit in there as well.

Do have a coffee then if you like coffee.

12-1pm- Lunch- You can have your protein shake, salmon with salad, baked potato with baked beans, tofu, rice. Or you can bring your last night’s leftovers if you made plenty. Try and go for brown rice as that is low in GI. At uni, there are microwaves on campus so you can have last nights leftovers. And in the office, you can microwave things

Don’t go out for lunch all the time as that’s bad for you!

3pm- Snack- veggie sticks with hummus, tuna, joy balls (you could make joy balls on the weekend), cheese, ham, protein bars, dried apricots, milk. Don’t go for sweets as they will burn you for most of the day. But if you do have a colleague’s birthday just have a very tiny piece of cake!

7pm-Dinner. This would be your post workout meal as you would have finished workout about half an hour before. Ideally, this would be the time that you would be spending with people. So it could be sweet potato chips, baked potato, rice, salad with meat/fish, quiche, naked burrito, protein shake, sushi as the main meal, noodles, pasta, dumplings.

Do make some food for lunch the next day- it can be leftovers, prepping the salad, etc.

9pm- Small snack before bed. It can be your Herbalife chocolate, bar or fruits.


NB: throughout the day you should be drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. You need about 1L for every 25 kgs you weigh and about another 1L for every hour that you exercise. So keep a bottle of water at your desk whilst at work or at uni.

You also need about 1-2g of protein per kg that you weigh and if you do lots of exercises much more is needed

Do your food shopping on the weekends or on your days off if you have time. If you can do a big batch of food!

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