The Red Shield Appeal report

What is the Red Shield Appeal? This is the annual yearly appeal that the Salvos do to try and raise money for those that are doing it though in winter. Last winter there were about 400+ Homeless people on the street.


The Red Shield is all about giving and spending time giving to those that are doing it tough in Melbourne.

It was fun doing the Red shield. Here it went from April until the end of June. We aim to raise about $15 million by then. So far we have $3.6 million

Update: it’s now well over $7 million.

You sign up online (when the slots are open which is in early April) and you pick your shifts. You can choose to do Intersections or matches. Or you can organize a community fundraiser.

How we fundraised and spread the word?

We did a lot of runs, some in the wet and windy days as a lot of people who are homeless stays out there in the cold.

And then we plan to publish them on Instagram and if someone liked our post its a dollar earned. Another way could be doing a fundraising day at the gym. So far we only raised $50 for all the likes that we got.

In that time we did some collecting at the MCG and it was fun. We went on the busy match days.


Time was an issue as there are not enough hours in a day. Also, we had busy lives and schedules. And we still had to post other things.

Getting people to like our posts was hard. As one post got no likes at all and that was the one at Prahran Market

But in the end, they only raised about $7.3 million.

Getting people to donate was hard as some people were not in the spirit of giving. Even our collections were really hard as not many people donated at first. Everyone wanted to rush to the games

So what can we do next time to make sure that this does not happen again?

Next year we plan to maybe have a donation drive early on in May and also wear the Salvos socks.

We would love to have a big bake sale at the gym on Saturday as it always seems busy with people.

And this time people shall like the posts to donate.

Also, we could raise awareness as early as February.

Do volunteer at next year’s Red Shield period. And people if you have more than enough money you should donate to help get those less fortunate off the street.


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