8 gluten free foods that runners should have

As runners, we should aim to go gluten-free as much as possible. If we have too much gluten it is carried around as weight in the stomach and can cause some gut issues for some. Oh and some runners, myself included in the first year of running put on weight due to eating too much gluten.


I love having my oats at any time of the day. Oats are natural in fiber and carbs and I enjoy them with milk and protein powder as well as my various nuts and seeds. Oh, and they help lower cholesterol which is good for heart health.

A pack at the supermarket costs me about $4-$5. Add some milk in there and you have a serve of dairy before you know it.

Hemp seeds

Here these are good for iron, particularly for women. They are a non-heme iron which is suitable for vegetarians. You can add them to anything for that iron boost.

A bag normally costs around $10-$15 at the health food stores.

Sweet potato

These are full of goodness such as potassium and vitamin C. As runners we need potassium and salts.  I enjoy them as homemade fries or just on its own. Or you can put it in salads.


Quinoa is a low GI food in which they help to restore the digestive tract. You can put Quinoa with anything from salads to curries. Quinoa is full of fiber which will keep you fuller for longer.


Lentils are a versatile protein which you can make curries. But too much of it in one go can be bad for you. This one makes you fart and I got diarrhea the first time when it was just in the soup. So best to practice this one on your training runs before you race. But you can buy a dried pack of lentils, soak them in overnight or a few days and you can make some delicious lentil curry, pie or soup.


Cauliflower is an awesome vegetable from the broccoli family and has a lot of fiber. You can do cauliflower rice which is yum. Or you eat cauliflower plain or in a stir fry. You can even make Cauliflower pizza.


I love eating them out of a can for a quick snack but if you can you can go with the dried version. People soak these dried chickpeas overnight and then use them the next day to make hummus.

Oh and they are a great protein source for vegetarians.

Chia seeds

These are great in Omega 3 plus they have enough fiber to keep you full for a while. You can add them to oats and anything else.

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