Eating like the Japanese

The Japanese love to be healthy and their life expectancy is 85 years. There are a lot of people that live until 100 years old and beyond. Here we share some food things that they love to eat to stay healthy. Oh, and they love their small portions too.

Inspired by the book Run the World, here are some things that the Japanese like. You can find these foods all over Melbourne and Australia

Fish and seafood

The Japanese enjoy their fish fresh from the ocean. In the Run the World book, the Tsukiji fish market is mentioned. The Japanese really love to go there. In Australia, we love our seafood too, but for the Japanese, they love their portion control. Fish is good for Omega 3 and the brain.

The Japanese love their sashimi and sushi and its a perfect meal. Switching to fish and seafood rather than meat is a great way to be healthy and keep the weight and the cholesterol down.


The Japanese enjoy their seaweed and eat a lot of it. Seaweed has a lot of iodine, a mineral which the Western diet lacks.


Edamame is a type of Japanese beans. Edamame is lovely on its own and you can suck the beans out of the pod. You can find these beans in Japanese food stores and also in restaurants


Soy is a staple in the Japanese diet. It comes in soymilk and other things. Soy is good for the bones. I love drinking miso and tofu.  Here soy can provide all the calcium that you need for bones and growth.

The Japanese love their low fat, no added sugar desserts. Unlike the western diet which is full of sugar

Soy sauce is another favorite of the Japanese


The Japanese enjoy their soft, silken tofu which is good for their bones and is low fat. They love it in everything from hotpot to dessert. They also love their inari.

Green tea

This is an antioxidant for great skin and it is also great for hydration. Here you can enjoy it with meals etc. Green tea relaxes you and helps to boost your immune system. So next time you want a coffee, go for tea instead.


The Japanese eat rice for breakfast instead of toast and eggs. This is good for keeping weight down. Rice does fill you up and is not a starchy carbohydrate unlike the Western diet of bread and cereal for breakfast.

You can do many things with rice including making sushi or chirashi (vinegared rice topped with fish and vegetables)

Unlike Western snacks, most of the Japanese snacks are low fat. The Japanese love their rice balls.


Noodles are another staple in the Japanese diet. Here they love their soba and udon noodles in both summer and winter. In summer they have the noodles cold and in salads and stuff.

In the winter they love it in soups and hotpots.

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