Optus Spirit X 2 and why its easier for runners

As runners, we can be clumsy sometimes. Particularly females can be clumsy around their period.

I bought this one from an Optus store near me. I prefer to buy them in the store as its easier to see whether or not it works before I leave. It was $99 and Optus was having a huge sale.

Its an Android phone with Google pay and other things. And I have the Photos app on there. I have 5.7 GB of free space and that space is not filled with useless stuff and useless notifications.

Its a bit slow but it’s ok.

The phone itself is black and as my old Windows Phone, it’s big and the battery and SIM are inside the back cover so it is hard to damage. I’ve dropped this a few times and all was well. With the Sony Xperia XA, it was really easy to damage and after six drops it gave up and didn’t work. The Sony XA broke because it is made of glass and metal whereas this is mainly plastic and durable.

Installing apps was easy. Instagram sometimes stops working but other than that it’s all fine. The photo quality is a bit hit and miss sometimes, particularly in the dark but other than that it’s all good.

But at least I get everything on Instagram on this phone and the old.

Messenger and What’s App

Messenger and What’s App is fine. Like the old Sony Xperia, the standard message bank converts into Messenger if you want. And it was all fine for me as that’s what I prefer: simplicity.

I haven’t used What’s App in the old phone but I used it here and it’s great for contacting friends far away when the standard messaging costs $0.25. This costs next to nothing.

Using banking apps and paying for things contactless

I can’t pay for stuff contactless but I can bank with my phone. It’s good though as you can save a lot of money from impulse purchases. And I can still use cardless cash with my phone. But I just can’t pay at the terminals.

After a while, the battery took a while to charge. It took about two hours for it to charge to 100% from 60%.

The lesson learned, next time buy the phone from a bricks and mortars store and never online as you never know what you will get. And then in store, you can always see the phone and touch the phone on display before buying it. And you can ask questions about the models.

Oh, and it always helps to read the reviews before buying.

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