Week six of Precision Nutrition

We are meant to move. We are human beings after all. Movement is the engine of health. wellness and life.

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This week was all about movement and muscle functions. As we get older we lose our muscle function. We can retain it by doing some intense activity as well as resistance training. The stronger we grip, the healthier we age. Precision Nutrition talks about the handgrip test, meaning that the stronger you grip the better you will be.

How metabolism change was a thing that was mentioned. As we get older our metabolism changes and we might not need as much energy. Our digestion may be slower after the age of 30 and we lose muscle mass as we age.

When we have more muscle our metabolism changes. When a muscle contracts its tendons end pulls on the bones and we move. Myofibrils are the smaller bundles of muscle. They are made of myosin and actin which are muscle protein.

Our body is always adapting and adjusting to change. Our body always adapts to exercise and exercise is a good stressor. Our muscles store more glycogen (which is energy that we can use later).

Our muscles need oxygen to function and the more muscle you have the more oxygen you’ll need. When you first start exercising you won’t need as much and then later on when you start to adapt you will have what’s known as an oxygen deficit. The higher intensity is the greater the deficit.

At my gym I do about 2-3 times of strength training as well as my runs. This is how I survive my long runs.


We also learned about METS. These are the Metabolic testing which measures how much oxygen we consume at any given activity.  The more intense the exercise the more METS we have. For an active person, it would be 3.5 MET per kg of body weight.

I move a lot and I spend in a typical active day about 5-10 METS doing jogging and other exercises at the gym.

Anaerobic vs Aerobic

You need both to lose weight successfully and keep it off. Aerobic can help improve enzyme activity.

Exercise can change our hormonal activity, hence this is why there is the female athletic triad if we go for too long without rest or enough food.

Sleep is really important as it helps improve the secretion of hormones and its the same for insulin. It is important for recovery. Without recovery, your muscle breaks down.

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I met someone new in my RPM class this week. She is a new member starting her first week in Fitness first. She wanted to try RPM and found it really challenging and did not know how to adjust her bike. She came a bit late when we were warming up so I assumed she was old. But later on, I found out that she was new to our gym and hasn’t been back since. Her name is Fortuna and she was a bit on the heavy side.

But what she didn’t know is that she needed both to lose the weight successfully.

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