Is sitting the new smoking

According to health experts sitting is the new smoking. The Irish blogger wrote about this article and I wanted to talk about it from Australia’s perspective. More and more of us work sedentary jobs and according to WHO we should get about 150 mins of moderate to vigorous activity a week. Office workers fair the worst when it comes to exercise. We sit and work our butts off in the office, but we don’t really do much moving. We go out for corporate lunches and dinners and have heavy meals.

At my old job of being a food blogger, there wasn’t a lot of room for standing and being active. Hence I put on a bit of weight (fat mainly). But at my new job which is writing about health and losing weight sustainably by running marathons I had a lot more opportunities to move more rather than sitting all the time.

Oh, and as such, I appreciated healthier ways of eating and moving about.

So is all that sitting and sedentary behavior bad for you?

Yes. We should be up and moving. We are made to move. When I sat all day I was not that happy and productive pre-2015. I felt like a glutenous lump and I’m sure you do too. Post-2015 I moved more and was happier and healthier for it. Post-2015 I joined a gym and got really active.

We measure activity using the Metabolic energy testing system (METS).

Light housework is 1.5-3 METS

Jogging, cycling is about 3-6 METS. The more intense it is would be about 5-10 METS.

Here’s how to be active.

  • Get off the bus/train a few stops early
  • Park a few meters away and walk the rest
  • Run when you can when it’s not busy at work. If you can sign up to a running event to get yourself motivated
  • If you have the money or work pays for you, join a gym. You might make some new friends whilst moving around and that will motivate you.
  • Offer to buy the other colleagues coffee.
  • Don’t have lunch at your desk. Instead, get outside. Vitamin D is good for you.
  • Love to cycle? Do you have a bike? Then why not cycle to work and home?
  • If you are in a restaurant with a six-course dinner and wine why not move about in between meals. If you have a long wait in between meals why not go outside and walk around the block.
  • Have walking meetings instead of sitting down meetings

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