Mind and Body festival and why its good for office workers to go

Office workers get stressed out and tired all the time from sitting at their desk. They could benefit from a show like this where they can learn a lot.

There were a lot of people there wanting some answers to their problems of stress and feeling unhappy.

Whilst there were many detox teas and lifestyle products on offer we were only here for a few things.


It is said that about 45% of adults in Australia don’t get enough sleep at night. Stress is one of the biggest problems leading to thyroid issues amongst other things.

We learned a Chakra that day in the free workshop and that was to imagine the gold and white stripes of energy going through your body. Here this energy starts at your head and goes all the way down to your feet and then it comes back up again and down again. You do this meditation closing your eyes for about 5-10 mins daily.

Now tell me how that feels!

The expo has a lot of stalls where you can find your happiness once more. Here they had lots of crystal stalls as well as free meditation stalls. I didn’t have time to attend the free meditation but I sometimes do it at home.


We are big on eating more vegetables and whilst the show didn’t have a lot of nutritious meals, some stalls offered it such as Ragini’s Kitchen. But they were fairly overpriced. If they were keen on teaching good nutrition and encouraging us to eat more vegetables, why not have a Woolworth’s stall full of fresh salads and people pay what they feel its worth?

Or better yet why not have a Lentils stall?

But I liked the Bretzel.biz pretzel as that was the only nutritious thing offered that did not cost a bomb.

There was the usual expo cafe that was just overpriced and full of fried goods

Gut health

Gut health is another one of our problems in society today. Too many people have bad gut health. It’s due to too much-caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Also, we don’t have enough vegetables and black beans in our diet.

We eat too much-saturated fats including meats and fried foods in our diet. And some people have too much dairy which can be fattening.

And thirdly we don’t get enough exercise in a day.  For exercise, you can do whatever you like but we should be getting in 150 mins of vigorous activity per week.

Many thanks to the Mind, Body and Spirit festival for having me and next time there should be more food stalls that offer nutritious goods on the cheap and not the expensive crap. Oh, and there should be free water for everyone too.

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