How we can lose weight with the NEAT method

Hate Exercise? Well, don’t worry your metabolism is working away in the background. It is doing everything it can from oxygen consumption to digestion of food depending on your body type.

NEAT is the Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. We need some of that in our daily lives. This is the daily incidental non-exercise activity such as doing steps. This can vary from person to person as some people can be lean and not have to wear a coat on cold days. If people are overfed they just expend that energy through heat and movement. And some people compensate for eating more by eating less the next day.

We also need BMR  as well. BMR is the basal metabolic rate which your body needs to function. TDEE is your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. You add the BMR and the number of calories that you burn whilst exercising and then you get your total calorie expenditure.

We use oxygen and the amount of oxygen that we use depends on the person. Generally, we use about 3.5 milliliters of oxygen per minute and that is just to breathe

Then we also have METS which are the Metabolic testing which measures how much oxygen we use in any given activity. Light activity is 1 MET. More intense activity is about 5-10 MET.

How to burn off those extra calories by not doing much.


When you stand you use more calories. Instead of sitting on the train, tram or bus, why not stand for the entire journey?

If you use the phone why not stand up to use it?

If the management can install a standing only desk, why don’t they do it?


If you walk a lot then it helps to burn the calories. Each day we are supposed to do 10000 steps. Not everyone can do it straight away but if you have a pedometer or a Garmin why not give it a go? After the time you’ll get used to it and it will be your daily routine.

Instead of emailing or ringing a colleague why not walk to their desk instead?

Instead of having sit down meetings why not do a walking meeting outside?

Instead of having someone or Ubereats grab your lunch or coffee, why not do it yourself?

You should park the car far away and then walk to your office!

If you have stairs why not use them instead of the lift!


Do you have a garden? If so then gardening helps to use up some of your energy.


If you do some light housework then it counts.

Eat a high protein diet

This will help you gain more muscle to help you burn off that fat!

Carry some objects

This will help you to burn the fat and put on some lean muscle.

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