Happy hour

And why it is good to have it sometimes.


Happy hour is meant to be an hour for unwinding and distressing about things. Here you can enjoy that odd glass of wine or two and not have to worry about weight or health. Its good to be able to socialize once a week and let your hair down.

Happy hour is where they serve cheap drinks at those times. But people have gone a bit overboard with them. The New daily says that about 45% of Australians drink with the intention of getting drunk. Australians are obsessed with beer compared to wine.

But just don’t go over your alcohol limit and drink plenty of water.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

But just don’t let the occasional happy hour turn into weeks. You have to have some days if not most days of the week alcohol-free. You could try a cocktail or two with Fever trees non-alcoholic drinks. Fever tree does these wonderful non-alcoholic drinks and I have tried them before at David Jones.

Even if you do happy hour you should drink responsibly and have some food with your wine. Happy hour needs to be earned. So you should work hard for your happy hour and do some exercise for it.

If you have to go for one of those degustation dinners see if you can come later before entree is served and after drinks and canapes. If you can’t then just choose to drink two drinks and do the rest as nonalcoholic.

If you during happy hour, sit away from the bar as you’ll less likely get carried away by the drinks that are served and will just focus on having one or two.

Free drinks? Yes please but still keep to your limits. Don’t go off limits just because its free.

Some short term effects of too much alcohol include

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Accidental injury by bumping into things
  • Road accidents
  • Blackouts

So what is responsible drinking?

For men, it is about 4 standard glasses within a day and for women its two per day. Standard glass can include a pot of beer or a glass of wine. And it can include a very small can of beer.

A pint is about two standard glasses of drink. One cocktail is also two standard drinks as many of them have two shots of alcohol.

Legally if I’m drunk can the bartender stop serving me?

Yes, and they should as it’s against the law in Australia. The bar or club or restaurant can be fined for serving drunk patrons. Moreover, these places employ security staff to handle drunk patrons and can ask you to leave. If you don’t leave they can call the police.

So enjoy that happy hour but just drink responsibly and earn it.

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