Instagram is a really easy app to use. But there now is fake users and people who are not qualified to give information and pictures about health. In the last couple of months, I have seen many people pop up that are not qualified to give advice on nutrition and health. They cut out whole food groups such as dairy and treats which are important food groups. We should not have too many treats, though they are a good break from the ordinary diet.


Here you post a lot of pictures but there are followers who are fake. And there are people that buy their followers which is not fair for others. In the past, I have had emails from sales people asking if I wanted to buy Instagram followers. I just blocked them.

You might remember the case of Brittany Dawson Fitness where a lot of people paid her money and she never gave anything besides showing off. Brittany Dawson is a US fitness blogger. She showed pictures of herself and it’s usually airbrushed.

There are other accounts like this too. In real life weight loss is not as simple as or fast as 6 weeks. It’s usually about six months of sheer hard work.

So what is Instagram doing about it?

They are deleting people who are fake or those that are not qualified. I guess in a way that’s great for businesses and individuals alike. So far I have had about 50 fake followers deleted from my account.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Do a google search on the user and see if they are actually qualified. Also, check out their profile to see if they are.


If they have more followers than they follow then that is another question. Also if they write spammy comments on your post and they don’t post much is another way.

And don’t send any money to a person that you don’t know and if its an online fitness business you should see their work first. See what other people say about them on places like Facebook and their Instagram posts. Their work is usually a video or an actual blog post detailing how they do their workouts. And you should read the reviews.

Also, look at other fitness and health professionals online. Some of them call out these so-called fake bloggers. Fake bloggers usually don’t have a nutrition or fitness education and they usually promote some sort of diet where food groups are eliminated, especially dairy which we all need. And some of them make us feel terrible about going out and having a good time sometimes by discouraging it. Pixienutrition does this on her Instagram and so do some of the others such as Nutrition and Guru Chef.

You can report these fake people to Instagram and then Instagram will remove the account and ask people to rectify this.

I wish there was a list of those that we should not follow but then again Instagram doesn’t like to judge anyone much. And there are always new people popping up on Instagram on every single day.

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