Woolworths fresh fruit for kids

Woolworths has this awesome free fruit for kids which is available at their stores in the suburbs and QV. It is available in all 961 stores across Australia.  The free fruit is usually bananas, apples, mandarins, and oranges. All fruit which is winter fruits.


The idea started in 2015 and ever since its growing popular with the kids. And some of the adults alike. I love trying out the fresh produce in my local Woolies before buying it. As a kid I loved eating fruit and my parents brought me up on fruits and vegetables.

This initiative is designed to teach kids healthy eating and promote fruit instead of the sugary sweets and snacks that they love. It is also aimed at getting kids to eat their two serves a day which some kids have a problem with that.  It is good for the parents too as they can keep their kids occupied. Some parents are on Centrelink hence the free fruit is handy for them.

It is also designed to keep kids busy whilst parents shop and to keep them under control and not touch the other produce.

These days more and kids are obese and Woolworths was trying to tackle this by having their free fruit.  According to the Australian Health and Welfare Institute, about 1 in 4 children are now obese. Healthdirect supports this by saying that 28% of children are now obese. Obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Also, the fruit is good for cell growth as cells need nutrients to thrive on. The fruit is full of fiber hence it is easier to digest as it goes through the tract. This should make going to the toilet and getting rid of the bad stuff easier.

Fresh fruit has fewer calories than fruit juice and has more natural sugars according to myfitnesspal. Also, the fruit has some potassium in there which you need for your body to be energized.

During winter everyone gets a cold. That’s because the immune system is down. We can keep our immune system going by adding fruit and veg to our diet. For some people, this might mean the free fruit at Woolies as fruit may be expensive for them.

There are some people that don’t support the idea as news.com.au claims to say that it’s dirty and disgusting, but I’ve never had any problems with this in my Woolies store as its always clean. Most of the kids in my store in Toorak are well disciplined and behave.

Do get your free fruit at Woolies if you need. Thanks, Woolies for keeping up with this initiative. We applaud the idea of the free fruits and hope it stays for a long period of time.

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