Stress and how to overcome it

Guys feeling stressed just before the exams? Well, you are not alone.

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For many students stress is a huge problem in Melbourne and it leads to many students failing a class. It could due to various things like not being able to cope without your family and close friends, a death in the family and for some the need to do well in class. This is a serious issue in Melbourne. Many students at RMIT have reported stress as one of the reasons for being “At risk”. The university’s resources are often stretched meaning that students sometimes miss out on the help that they need.

For some students, stress can turn into something bigger where you cannot sleep, eat or do well in studies.

Here are some tips on dealing with the stress
1) Exercise
If you don’t like the gym why not join a fitclub? There are lots all over Melbourne. Or better yet you can take a walk in the park and clear your mind.

2) Part-time selling
If you are good at marketing then maybe you could do some selling. This will be a good way to talk to people and make some friends as well as money. Sometimes you won’t make much though but the skills that you learn can be put to good use later

3) Make a blog
Blogging or writing about feelings helps you and other students dealing with the same thing. You can always read about how others dealt with a similar problem to yours as everyone is on the same boat as you.

4) Learn other skills

By that I mean learn about something that you love whether its nutrition or cooking or whatever. Something other than study.

5) Join a club at uni.
There are many clubs for students to join on campus. You can usually find them on Orientation week or just join at many of their events.

6) Take some time away from uni
Visit the country towns for fun or go to the beach for the day. You could also see a movie.

7) Look after yourself
Make sure that you eat and sleep well. Make sure that you include whole foods such as vegetables and fruit in your diet. We need about 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Drink lots of water

8) Study

But don’t study too hard. Organize your time into manageable chunks. Some people go hour by hour with a break in between. Know what you need to do to stay productive. Go easy on yourself and relax a little.

9) Talk to family and friends back home

Let them know how you are feeling! What’s app is free these days or you can chat on Messenger

Well, hope these tips help and good luck in those exams.

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