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Guys, would you like to buy your groceries for cheaper? Are you worried about not being able to buy enough food for the month? Well, you need not be with a cheap place that sells the same quality items as Woolies and Coles for a lot less.


These days not everyone can afford food, especially those that are struggling to make ends meet after the exorbitant rents and minimum wages.

Cheaper Buy Miles is a place in Newmarket which is right where the restaurant precinct is. Here you can take tram number 57 from the city.  Or it’s just a short stroll from Newmarket station. They also do have parking around the place and at the station and during the week is the best time to visit as the street is not so busy.

If you don’t want to go to Newmarket there are stores in Footscray and Sunshine west and details are on their website.

Everything there is close to expiring or just after the best before the date and is still good. That is good for our nonwaste selves who love to not waste food. It’s also good for those on Centrelink as everything there is very cheap.


You can buy everything in bulk at cheaper than supermarket prices. One time we bought granola from Be Natural which turned out to be lovely. Be natural cereal was not too sweet and did not have any added sugar which was great for Febfast.

Another time we bought this French cheese which was a hit at the dinner party. Here we had it with crudites and dips.

One time we bought this lobster bisque and it was quite creamy and easy to do soup. Normally lobster bisque would cost a lot of money to eat outside but the can was about $2. Buy a few cans and it was about $6

Another time we bought this Greens cake mix and it was yum, albeit a bit sweet. We made these easy small Angel food cakes with the pie machine and they were nice. The first time we did it with lemonade and it was way too sweet.

And then we had 5 for $2 chips. The coconut rings that we had was sweet and addictive.

Do go to Cheaper Buy miles for their cheap grocery items. You can make many snacks out of these cheap items. Its better than going to Coles and Woolworth’s anyway. City folk and folk that live on the other side of town, it is worth the drive or the train ride in.



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