Our two weeks of limiting social media

Social media can cause a lot of anxiety for people and as such these days too many people are spending a lot of time on social media.

We decided to try out this experiment of, “Is it really possible to live on social media for one hour a day for two weeks?” The project coincides with Mental health week. This is a week that looks at Mental health and depression.

Too much stress causes digestive issues which will cause you to poop too much.

The day before the project I broke my phone in a pub. I was really drunk and then I thought that I should start the project.

The easiest way to start the project was to use an old phone. I used my old Windows phone which has no notifications allowed, except for email.

At first, I thought it was really not that possible and it took me a few tries to get there. I was really stressed out about not receiving messages and likes from people. But after a while, it was all good. I was able to focus a lot better on the tram and would give up my seat for an elderly or disabled passenger rather than focus on my phone. On the tram, everyone was on their phones. On the train, people loved to talk rather than focussing on their phone.

Most people when they walk, they look at their phone and its easier to bump into them. As for me I just walk and run.

At Lentils talking to people was easy without the phone. I got play with a baby and enjoy my food a lot more. Oh, and I learned to eat mindfully.


I felt better knowing that you would save a lot more money. You would save about $300 per year for not using that much data. Too much data uses up your phone battery as well.

My friend on Facebook who is autistic needs me to be there for him 24/7. He always thinks that it’s about me, me, me all the time. This guy always shares the autism quotes just so that others should treat him special. In Health we work with different people and are not there 24/7. I’m glad I got that reprieve from him as it was not good for my mental health and productivity.

But the downside is that some people decided to unfollow me because I hadn’t posted enough and that was only 37 followers. But the 1290 followers decided to stick around and that was all great. I told people at the start that I was going to do it


In the end, I learned that it didn’t really matter whether people liked your post or not. Likes and Instagram can wait until you get home and be alone. What’s more important outside is being in the moment and appreciating it. Oh, and enjoying other people’s company.

I felt better about being able to help those that need it the most.

At least now I feel better about not being connected to this friend 24/7 and am able to concentrate on other things.

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