What foods do students eat for breakfast

Students eating breakfast is an important part of the day and without it, you cannot function well. More like it, you’ll find yourself asleep during lectures. As students, you might not have a lot of cash or time to whip up a good meal. Its the same for the office workers who might not haveContinue reading “What foods do students eat for breakfast”


A healthy eating schedule for busy people

This schedule is for busy people that work all week. And yes this is a healthier way of eating without restricting yourself. 6am/7am- Breakfast half an hour after you wake up. It could be a protein shake or I love oats with milk. If I was to have bread I’d go for wholemeal bread. Also,Continue reading “A healthy eating schedule for busy people”

8 gluten free foods that runners should have

As runners, we should aim to go gluten-free as much as possible. If we have too much gluten it is carried around as weight in the stomach and can cause some gut issues for some. Oh and some runners, myself included in the first year of running put on weight due to eating too muchContinue reading “8 gluten free foods that runners should have”

The Red Shield Appeal report

What is the Red Shield Appeal? This is the annual yearly appeal that the Salvos do to try and raise money for those that are doing it though in winter. Last winter there were about 400+ Homeless people on the street. The Red Shield is all about giving and spending time giving to those thatContinue reading “The Red Shield Appeal report”

Eating like the Japanese

The Japanese love to be healthy and their life expectancy is 85 years. There are a lot of people that live until 100 years old and beyond. Here we share some food things that they love to eat to stay healthy. Oh, and they love their small portions too. Inspired by the book Run theContinue reading “Eating like the Japanese”

The need for boundaries

When we talk about stress and mental health, the need for boundaries comes to mind. Here we’re thinking about people asking us to do something for them when we can’t (if you’re already doing other tasks for other people) I got inspired by the Growing butterfly’s post on this as office workers struggle to meetContinue reading “The need for boundaries”

Optus Spirit X 2 and why its easier for runners

As runners, we can be clumsy sometimes. Particularly females can be clumsy around their period. I bought this one from an Optus store near me. I prefer to buy them in the store as its easier to see whether or not it works before I leave. It was $99 and Optus was having a hugeContinue reading “Optus Spirit X 2 and why its easier for runners”

Getting rid of the afternoon slump

The afternoon slump is when we feel tired, sluggish and simply don’t want to concentrate or do anything. We yawn, fall asleep, get headaches, become moody, get muscle weakness, get fatigued, crave carbohydrates, etc. As office workers, we get the afternoon slump at 3pm. Most people go for coffees in hopes that it will perkContinue reading “Getting rid of the afternoon slump”

Week six of Precision Nutrition

We are meant to move. We are human beings after all. Movement is the engine of health. wellness and life. This week was all about movement and muscle functions. As we get older we lose our muscle function. We can retain it by doing some intense activity as well as resistance training. The stronger weContinue reading “Week six of Precision Nutrition”

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