My top ten favourite places in St Kilda

Here are my top ten favorite places in St Kilda where you can hang out as a tourist or run around.  In summer St Kilda gets really busy but we love the lifestyle here.

1) Beach
I love going there for the beach and views. You can easily spend a really good day there walking and exercising. Along the way, you’ll get to meet and pat a few cute furry friends

2) Lentils as Anything
This is a really great healthy food place. Here you can pay as you feel for some good, healthy food which is vegetarian. I love their Lentil burger as well as their curries. These curries fill you up and keeps you warm for a while.

3) Bay City Burrito
RMIT Newintstudents has blogged about this before, but did you know that they are a healthy burrito place

4) Barbeques

In summer we love barbequing everything by the beach. But you cannot bring alcohol on to the beach or at the park areas. There is a bit of a drinking problem in St Kilda and the council have banned alcohol in public places during Summer

5) The various bars and restaurants on Acland St

Acland st is always busy and very lively on Sundays and it’s worth checking out. Here the bars and restaurants offer many specials and good food. Now that the road is gone there is a bit more of a lively scene and alfresco dining.

In the past, there used to be a road there but last year the council decided to remove the road. It’s better for everyone that way as there would be fewer accidents around that area

6) The Esplanade markets on the weekend

This is really fun and you can see everything. They are only on Sundays from 10am-5pm (or less during the winter) Here they sell lots of artworks and the like. Oh, and there are some gourmet food stalls. But if the weather is bad the market will not run

7) The boats

I love to see the boats out on the sea. I love to see the boats at the Marina on a sunny day as they are fun to watch!

8) Acland St Cantina
Even though it is a junk place, you are allowed to have the odd cheeky meal or two outside. They are a Mexican place where you can enjoy some wine and great food. They do have a great nightlife here.

9) St Kilda Sea Baths and Captain Baxter
Occasionally you might want to check out the health center. Captain Baxter is a lot of fun and its a bar. They can be very crowded at the best of times but they serve good drinks and live entertainment.

10) The Fifth Corner

I have been to the Fifth Corner before and it’s an Irish pub that serves great beer. It’s best to avoid that area after dark and on Friday nights as there are always fights going on there.

Here you can enjoy your Guinness! I’m yet to have a meal there, but I heard they have some good specials going on during the week!

Hope you guys enjoy my article and I hope to see you soon in St Kilda!


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