Week three of Precision Nutrition: Through the GI tract

You are what you digest and not what you eat!


This week happened in the second week of No Meat May. Hence this No Meat May, helps to consolidate what we have learned this week about the GI tract.

You chew your food and then it travels down the esophagus down to the small intestine. After that, they travel to your large intestine where it stays for 12-25 hours and then whatever the body does not want gets excreted out. It usually is poop.

Here we begin to talk about fiber and GI issues. A client could be having some GI issues. Therefore we could recommend they eat more fiber! Fiber helps to get rid of the bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol in our bodies. Some movement is a great idea to get rid of waste.

We talk about the feeling of fullness (leptin) and the feeling of hunger (ghrelin). Serotonin is mentioned as the happy feeling that we get from eating food. We need probiotics for the digestive system as it helps get rid of the bad bacteria and boosts the immune system. It helps to get rid of the smelly gas and poop that some people have.

We also talk about food allergies as well. Some people are allergic to dairy and others are allergic to nuts. And some people can have an amphlatic shock meaning that they would end up in the hospital due to eating these foods.


And there are also the intolerances which include the runners trots that we have. As runners, we need more electrolytes. I would recommend my clients to keep a journal of what they ate and how their body reacts to this. And if they have some sort of food allergy they should go and see their doctor see if there is any other issue causing their stomach distress.

I also recommend that clients eat more slowly as eating mindfully will get rid of the stress and GI issues. If you eat too quickly you can have major digestive issues. Too much stress causes the digestive system to dysfunction meaning that you will have that I don’t want to eat feeling. Sometimes the stress will cause you to poop or urinate too much. Stress can cause IBS and other symptoms such as GERD (acid reflux). When I think of GERD I think of vomiting as the food goes back up the esophagus.

Clients with these things should go and see their doctor also as these can affect their daily lives.

I finally got my book. I got it secondhand for $95. A little while ago I posted to Facebook if anyone lived in Australia and didn’t need their book. And someone answered my prayers. For some time now I had been having delivery issues with FedEx as they won’t deliver to a Parcel Locker.


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