Runner trots and how to get rid of them

Runners trots are annoying as you have to stop and poo. Or otherwise, poo afterward. And they could go on for quite some time. I’ve had them before and it’s not good. It’s not fun.

It is unclear as to why it happens. But the harder you run, the more susceptible you are to having trots. There is a lot of bouncing in the intestines.  This is because the blood moves away from the intestines and into the muscles. This is a lot of jostling going on in the body.


So what could cause them?

Not  having enough water or electrolytes

Runners need to have lots of water but not too much water as it causes hypotonia. Everyone is different and it will take a while to work out how much water you need. Rule of thumb for every 25 kgs you weigh you need about one liter of water. For every one hour of exercise that you do, there is another one liter that you need. If it’s a hot day we need to have more water.

So work out the water during your training runs and experiment. You should also experiment with the electrolytes that you will need. Rule of thumb, for every long run that is 2-5 hours or more, you need about 1-3 electrolyte tablets.

A food disagreement


In your training runs, you should work out the food things. Experiment with different gels and energy blocks and see what works best for you. As not everyone can have the same nutrition. What might work well for you might not work well for someone else?

For example, gels and blocks don’t sit well for me. But lollies and wholefoods sit just fine for me.

For some people, it could also be too much fiber, especially if you are not used to having that much fiber

Also in the training runs work out the nutritional timing. For everyone, this may be different and you need to work out what is best for you!

Not being acclimatized to the weather.

I have had this problem before where I did some runs in the heat. It takes about two weeks for the body to be acclimatized to the heat. I was dehydrated afterward.


This could cause the trots. In the two weeks before a period a woman can have them. I have had it before, mainly in the summer.


For some people, stress can cause the trots to come. Particularly for runners doing really long distances.

In competitions and races, it is normal to feel stressed. And so when you do the trots come on!

Hopefully these reasons will help you to work out why you have the trots when running. Its best to keep a running log or journal detailing the food and feelings as everyone is different with nutrition, hydration and stress levels. It also helps to work out the timing as well.

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